How to Sell Your Used Car In Any Condition

If you have a car you can no longer drive or want an upgrade, you should consider selling your vehicle. Selling your car yourself instead of selling i

If you have a car you can no longer drive or want an upgrade, you should consider selling your vehicle. Selling your car yourself instead of selling it to a dealership is an excellent way to have more control over the price you sell it for. No matter your car’s condition, you can always make some money off of selling your car.

Ways to sell  

There are many ways to sell your car. You can sell it to a dealership, trade it in for an upgrade, post it online to find a buyer, or if the vehicle cannot run anymore, you can even sell it to a junk yard. Where you decide to sell your car will depend on how much time and effort you want to spend on selling the car, the condition, and how much you want to make from the sale.


If you plan to sell your car, you should look into the market. Studying the market is a great way to ensure you are selling your vehicle for a good price that both makes you a profit and is reasonable to a buyer. 

Online pricing resources like Kelly Blue Book or Cars.com can help you get an idea of what your asking price should be. When pricing your car, make sure you take the condition and history of the vehicle into account. 

Any missing or broken features will lower the price of the car. A car with many miles or that has been in many accidents will also be worth less. A vehicle with new tires, brand-new brakes, or a valid warranty will be worth more. 


You want to ensure your car is in the best condition before putting it on the market.

If common problems are apparent, such as a cracked windshield, broken taillight, or dents in the body, you should try to get them repaired. Don’t spend so much on repairs that you pay more than you can make on the car. Taking your car to a mechanic before putting it up for sale is a good way to ensure you have taken care of all the necessary repairs. 

Getting a professional cleaning or detailing on your car before putting it on the market can help up the vehicle’s value. Make sure both in interior and exterior are clean. Vacuum the inside, clean the cup holders, and maybe even get new floor mats. 


You will want to ensure you have all the proper paperwork ready to finalize a sale. For most states, the car documents you will need are: 

  • Warranty information 
  • Title 
  • Vehicle history 
  • Service records

Some states may have different regulations, so be sure to find the correct information from the motor vehicle department of the state you are selling in. Providing all of this information will help buyers know they are getting what they pay for and make the entire sales process smoother. 

You will also want to provide the seller with a bill of sale that includes the sale date, the names of both parties, the car year, make, model, and price. 


Once you have made all the adjustments you want and decided on a reasonable price point, you will need to start advertising that you are selling a car. Any advertisements you create will want to include information about the vehicle, such as the make, model, year, condition, mileage, and price. Also, be sure to include high-quality pictures of both the inside and outside of the car. 

Stay safe

Staying safe while selling your car is vital. You should clear out any personal information that can be found in your vehicle, both physically and digitally. If your car has features that allow you to store personal information for radio services or GPS travel, clear it out before finalizing a sale. You should also make sure you have cleaned out the glove compartment. 

All payments should be secure, especially if the buyer has gotten a car loan. Only give the buyer the title once you have made sure they have paid you in full and that their payment form is legitimate. 

Parting shot

Selling your car doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. As long as you do some research and find the right buyer, it can leave you feeling good about the process and ready to find something better.