Top 10 iOS Emulators For PC

iOS emulators allow iPhone hardware to be simulated on different operating systems. You may use it to test and execute iOS applications on Windows or

iOS emulators allow iPhone hardware to be simulated on different operating systems. You may use it to test and execute iOS applications on Windows or Mac computers. For app developers who want to know how a certain program will look and work on the iPhone and iPad, iOS emulators for PC are helpful. You can play old-school games, use iOS-specific programs, and examine the UI and some restricted functionality of an app by using iOS emulator software.

These technologies enable the usage of iOS apps on many platforms, including Android and Windows. Here is a list of the top iOS emulators that was personally chosen by us after a thorough investigation. 

Let’s clear our fundamentals first!

What Are iOS Emulators for PCs?

Many people desire to utilize certain programs and apps that are designed specifically for one operating system on a different platform, and emulators make this possible. Emulators include a setting that enables you to install application packages on their platform, after which you may use these emulators to execute these APKs. With them, you may play any game you want on your system or on your mobile device, regardless of the platform to which the game belongs.

Differences between iOS Simulator and iOS Emulators for PC

There is a little variation in how the iOS emulator and iOS simulator function, but both do almost the same thing—allow application packages to run on the system.

iOS emulators for PCs deceive the program into functioning on the system and using the hardware and storage of the system. They also make it simpler for users to execute all of their system’s programs. Even while the iOS simulator creates a system-friendly environment for programs to operate in, there are situations when this does not function well with a number of applications.

An emulator is a piece of software that allows a user to use an iPhone or iPad without the physical device. Even if you don’t own the original gadget, you may still experience the original ones’ sensations. These emulators are incredibly user-friendly and are often favoured by developers and users.

A simulator, however, can only provide a comparable environment for the device. The problem is that it does reproduce the real hardware, thus it can only generate an environment that is comparable. Some programs may not function properly or in a different way as a consequence.

Using a Windows emulator for mobile phones

The following is a list of some of the uses for the mobile emulator:

  • Long-Range of Usable Devices: By installing the emulator for that system, iOS emulator for Windows enables users to use a variety of devices with different operating systems on a single device.
  • Gaming has gotten simpler: It is now simpler to play games that are only accessible for mobile phones or for iOS across various devices.
  • People sometimes claim that certain programs slow on their mobile devices yet perform perfectly on their desktop or laptop computers. Therefore, you may use emulators to take advantage of your system’s design to prevent unwelcome latency for apps that need expensive hardware.

Top 10 iOS Emulators For PC

Here’s a list of top 10 iOS emulators that we have curated specially for you. Take a glance!

  • LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a continuous quality cloud that lets you perform iOS app testing on cloud-based iOS simulators to test mobile web and native apps across 3000+ real browsers, devices and OS combinations. 

It provides the online device farm and integrates it with development and testing technologies. Whether you are just a regular user installing an app, a developer testing the app after a code change, or a tester testing your iOS application manually or automatically, you can take advantage of this feature.

With, you can also automate iOS app testing using Appium and XCUITest frameworks. 

  • Smartface:

One of the finest iOS emulators for PC is Smartface, which includes a number of strong features that make accessing various third-party programs much more convenient and safe. Smartface is the best choice to go with if you are searching for a cross-platform development program that provides you with a simple and understandable interface to work on. This cross-platform emulator also functions well as a Windows debugger for Android and iOS. A unique software by developers called Smartface is intended to provide a fresh viewpoint on the enormous variety of apps that are currently in development.

The software has won the hearts of millions of users worldwide because of its dynamic, user-friendly UI, multitasking capability, and other features. Your user experience will be improved further as a result of the app’s testing and trustworthiness to support various screen resolutions.

  • iPadian

Another prominent name on the list of iOS emulators for Windows that is being developed and geared to provide a seamless experience throughout is iPadian. One of the most well-known emulators for Windows, it has a very simple and straightforward user interface that dramatically improves the user experience. As the name suggests, the emulator gives you an interface similar to an iPad. It replicates the iOS UI on Windows, however, it is not a full-fledged emulator. The existence of its App Store is among this gorgeous emulator’s most lovely features.

The emulator offers a large selection of third-party programs in addition to having its own App Store. It is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows 7 and provides a superb platform for playing a variety of games and other programs without any interruptions.

Simply choose the free or premium version of this lovely program to use on your Windows and begin conveniently accessing numerous applications.

  • Appetize.io

A web-based platform called Appetize just requires you to publish your applications once, and then everything is ready. It is interesting to note that this procedure may be carried out using any current browser, therefore no particular browser is required. This iOS emulator for Windows 10 is ideal if you are searching for a free option.

It is understandable why it is regarded as the greatest iPhone emulator given how highly developers suggest it for testing. With the free iOS emulator for PC, you can rapidly diagnose the issue from a distant device and see network traffic and debug logs.

  • iMame

Another top iOS emulator for  PC is iMame, which was created with the goal of providing users with third-party access without any problems. For developers, iMame is a terrific platform where they can easily test their applications and advancements. You can easily download it from your App Store and use it without any hiccups thanks to its fluid and uncluttered interface. It is an iOS emulator for Windows. One of the finest features of iMame is the abundance of the most well-liked arcade games that you can easily play on your Windows PC.

iMame is one of the best solutions you can rely on if you want to play the old classic games on your PC without any hassle.

The flexibility to work on one of the market’s most simple and slick user interfaces is provided by this low resource and low power consumption iOS emulator. The gamers will benefit much from this wonderful emulator.

  • Corellium

Most of the security researchers often use Corellium in order to run a simulated iOS device inside of a browser. Since Corellium’s developers are among the original iPhone jailbreakers, we assure you that you are in capable hands. Corellium was previously exclusively accessible to customers that owned an organization, but now everyone may utilize the iOS virtualization tool. Since Corellium does not want the tool to be misused, getting your hands on it might be challenging.

  • Xamarian

One of the greatest iOS emulators for PC is Xamarian, which you can download for free and use to work with one of the most attractive iOS applications on your Windows computer. An Apple-owned emulator called Xamarian Test Flight is being created to evaluate how various iOS applications perform on Windows.

This wonderful emulator’s straightforward, interactive, and user-friendly interface, which allows you to operate on it without any difficulty, is one of its most lovely features.

Users of the premium app Xamarian may get further advanced help. Additionally, the app is being created to work with iOS 8.0 and newer devices. The app is a jewel for seasoned app developers, providing them with a fantastic testing environment for their new creations.

  • Ripple

Another free iOS emulator for PC using a Chrome addon is Ripple. It is a fantastic cross-platform mobile environment emulator that gives you the option to test both current and older applications on Chrome utilizing its little Chrome extension. A little but excellent extension program called Ripple keeps you from having second thoughts about using one of the top emulator platforms, and all without having to download anything to your smartphone. Ripple’s ability to provide customers with a variety of help for testing different development applications with ease is one of its strongest features.

This emulator was mainly created and planned for the testing and development of mobile HTML5 applications, and it also has an easy-to-use, interactive interface.

  1. Test Flight 

This particular emulator continues to be one of the most dependable user platforms. It offers users satisfying and improved services and continues to treat its customers with the utmost care. Periodically, this particular emulator has the most recent updates from the server so that users may access the newest features.

The users of this iOS emulator are given access to utilize the direct beta version. Not only this, they can also provide the developers with insightful comments and report any problems in case it requires any upgrades. To work on this emulator, users must establish an app share profile. If the program fails, a notice report is given to the developers, who then start working on repairing the problem. It is accessible via the App Store and is usable with programs that support iOS 8.0 or later. Furthermore, it works well for iOS programming.

  • Electric Mobile Studio 

By now, we know that in order to test and use iOS applications on Windows PCs it costs a lot of money. But, Electric Mobile Studio provides a 7-day free trial and that is why, this particular emulator qualifies for our list. It has standout features that include the ability to utilize the same product on two PCs for typical work arrangements at the office and at home, as well as full-featured emulation of iPhones, iPads, and responsive applications.

The integrated WebKit and Chrome debugging tools in this iOS emulator for Windows is just another reason why many developers like it for their projects. A developer may map their preferred shortcuts by adding hot-key navigation keys. This iOS app development tool is simple to connect with Visual Studio for Windows users as well.


Today’s user utilizes a variety of gadgets to carry out their personal and professional obligations. As a result, businesses must create programs that work on several operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS. However, there are still certain programs that are not accessible across platforms, and emulators make it simple for users to utilize specific applications across systems. In addition to this, there are several Android emulators for iOS that can be found on the market.

In this post, we have covered a few iOS emulators for PCs and some of its useful features. However, before using any emulator, always read reviews about it since some emulators are malicious and may damage your system. Therefore, do your homework before utilizing an emulator.

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