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How To Prepare For An Eye Exam

It goes without saying that your eyes are essential for your health and your overall well being. It is therefore imperative that you take proactive

It goes without saying that your eyes are essential for your health and your overall well being. It is therefore imperative that you take proactive measures to ensure that your eyes are always in good condition, and if you can improve them, you have the solutions to do it. 

That is why eye exams are so crucial. These tests can detect that any underlying eye conditions, while putting you on the path to treat it. You can plan out long-term solutions and find out everything you need to know about your health. 

However, a lot of people are not sure what to expect when it comes to an eye exam. Here is how you can prepare for it: 

A Few Tips To Prepare Yourself For Your Eye Exam 

  • Double-check to see if you have vision medical coverage. Going to an optometrist might not be cheap, and you if you have to pay for the exam fees, glasses or contacts, and the frames, you could be spending quite a bit. It is better to be informed, then finding yourself dealing with a huge bill. 
  • Keep a list of all the eye issues and health concerns that you have. Notice any particular symptoms, what triggers it, and what makes it go away. The more information you have, the better the optometrist can help you. Also, compile a list of questions on topics and symptoms that you’re interested in. It will help to speak to the professional about it. 
  • Bring any glasses or contact lenses, and eye solutions, that you have in your possession. The optometrist can see if this is impacting your eyes or not. Also, bring any medication or prescriptions for your eyes. 
  • Get a lift there and prepare to find a way home. In most eye exams, your pupils will be dilated, heightening sensitivity to light and making it difficult to see – let alone drive. You have to find another way to get home safely. 

What To Expect On The Day Of Your Eye Exam 

  • If it is your first eye exam, you will be asked a list of questions about your medical history and any previous eye issues you’re having. This can help determine if you possibly have any genetic-borne conditions. 
  • You will then go through a series of tests, including: 
    • Eye pressure 
    • Visual acuity
    • Retinoscopy, which your retinas get checked
    • Cover test, where your eye alignment is assessed
    • Slit-lamp exam, where the back of your eye is looked at by the eye doctor 
  • If you need glasses or contact lenses, your optometrist will have you fitted for one, while ensuring that you have the perfect prescription for your eyes. 
  • It is then recommended that you schedule a follow-up visit to the optometry. Going twice a year can ensure that your eye health is in premium condition.

This is what you can expect the next time you get an eye exam. Don’t be scared. It’s a regular exam and an important one at that. Getting your eyes checked often will help prevent any problems happening in the future. 

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