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How to Make Your Instagram More Popular?

Growth is a basic instinct for human beings. Whether it’s your job, business or social media profiles, everyone wants to see them grow. It is an era of social media.

Growth is a basic instinct for human beings. Whether it’s your job, business or social media profiles, everyone wants to see them grow. It is an era of social media. From small businesses to celebrities, official sports teams to fan pages and whatnot, every page on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter aims to attract more and more followers and thus more engagement.

While some do it for fun, others take it as business. Instagram provides the opportunity to earn a decent amount. The more the following, the more the offers for paid adverts and whatnot. Instagram followers don’t come easy. You have to work hard, produce genuine content, engage with the audience, introduce fun activities and ask the followers for suggestions and feedback on your work. These are only a few ways of increasing the popularity of your Instagram page.

If you’re thinking there’s a shortcut to success, you are definitely thinking wrong. “There are many shortcuts to failure, but there are no shortcuts to true success”, Orrin Woodward once said. Moving on, you need to believe in yourself and be consistent with what you are doing. Perseverance, determination and dedication can make literally anything possible.

Be Genuine

You have to form your own story. Genuine moments, achievements, and engagements will set the tone for you get a bigger audience and form a following. Try to follow a theme and stick with it. Take interesting photos and snapshots, try to travel and visit interesting places, capture precious moments that are hard to come by, make use of any talent you have and try to showcase that, it’s all about your own motivation to provide quality content and climb up the ranks. 

Move Between Public and Private Wisely

It goes without saying that your profile should be public for you to be visible to the world. It comes with a catch do. You would need to be more careful about posting any private content. However, Instagram now does give you the opportunity to make custom stories where you can share your story to the people that only you want to. You can use this convenient feature to protect your privacy. Make sure to connect your Instagram to your Facebook and Twitter account as well. This way people will now that you are on the app and can follow and reach out to you there.

Be Active and Follow Others

Another key to gaining a lot of Instagram followers is to follow a lot of people yourself. Most people have the tendency or the common courtesy of following you and you have engaging content on your profile and it makes this decision a whole lot easier for them. Try to follow pages or accounts that share similar interests with you. Whether it is sports, travel or food blogging, by becoming active on these pages you can gain a number of followers yourself.

Commenting Ain’t Bad

Celebrity accounts are a perfect place for you to gain attraction and by commenting on their posts and stories you can certainly catch one or two eyes. Family and friends are the first steps in your journey of obtaining Instagram followers. Moreover, they are mostly the only people you are sure of that will engage with your content. And last but not least, make sure to follow people back, it’s like a small token of trust that will pay you a lot in the long run.

Hashtags Do the Trick

Social media is a game of hashtags and it is even more so is in the case of Instagram. By using hashtags, you will appear in the search results of the people that are looking for content on those topics. It is probably the best tool that allows you to reach the greatest number of people without much of an effort. Build your own creative hashtag, specifically for your account. Maybe it will catch fire and spread like wildfire. The more people that use your hashtag the more popularity you gain, which turns to more Instagram followers. You can currently use 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts and it is highly recommended to use all of them. It won’t take much of your time using one or two extra hashtags.

Number 1 Priority: Quality

Don’t compromise on quality. A lot of people think that more quantity directly translates to more followers. But most of the times it is not the case. Make sure your content is engaging, honest and meaningful. Don’t use offensive language and always respect others for their opinion. Stick to it. It is the most common mistake where people just give up or are not consistent enough. You have the keep at it and if you stay good to your purpose you will succeed. Keep track of your followers. Try to find the best posting times according to your audience. Try to engage your followers by making them comment, giving shout outs, getting their opinions or asking them to participate in fun game.

As your Instagram followers increase, you will start enjoying more and you will grow more and more.