Where to go in May and June this year?

The month of May and June from Gregorian calendar is the official starting of summer, and it is the time when our mindstart thinking and planning about vacations on any soothing areas. In several places sunshine and heat announce that summer is coming while cool breezes still alleviating the warmth.

In others words May and June is actually the time when you seriously decide and final the destination for your vocational trip. In order to enjoy your vacations we suggest you few areas from around the globe. If you feel that for touring internationally your luggage weight more than your air company allows you, you can send your excess baggage there with any best cargo company along with online tracking facility.

Koggala, Sri Lanka

This little coastal city on the southern coast of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known for swimming and scuba diving all over the world in addition as for exploring its history. Galle Fort, a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage site, was built by the Portuguese in 1588, refreshed by the Dutch within the seventeenth century, and is currently managed by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka archeology Department. Tourists can visit the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum as well.

Naltar Valley, Pakistan

Naltar is not an unknown name and place, known for the magical and superb lakes all over the world andabout 2.5 hours’ drive away from Gilgit. It is said thatif you want to see heaven on earth go to Naltar valley. Surely it doesn’t seem like this world’s part.

Road from Gilgit to Naltar Pine is comparatively smooth as compare to Naltar Pine to Naltar Bala. There are three lakes in Naltar valley known as Bashkiri Lakes and about 13 kilometers away from Naltar Bala. Road from village to lakes are quite narrow and in winter it is near to impossible because of heavy snow (10-15 feet) on roads.

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Accommodation here is also very reasonable, if you haven’t visit this beautiful place yet it is suggested to take a tour to Naltar Valley in this May and June. Along with Naltar Valley you should visit all other northern areas of Pakistan like Kagan, Swat, Baltistan, Skardu, Neelum Valley, Hunza, Chitral and Fiary Meadows.

There is no need to be worried about accommodation in these areas and for your luggage as well, as any good Cargo to PakistanCompany deliver your luggage at any corner of Pakistan before you are there.
It is advised that don’t miss a chance of visiting these marvelous areas in these vacations.

Salina Island, Italy

It is one of the largest Aeolian Islands, Salina Island has stayed comparatively untouched, which undoubtedly one of its beauties. May and June are ideal months for visit this island.

Island is fertile and has a range of plants up to 400 types including the caper for which this island is known for. There are parties, music, and a lot of pizza, wines, games and many other things from Friday evening to Sunday nightin the Piazza di Sant’Onofrio, the town of Pollara.

Salina is additionally well-known for a golden dessert wine known as Malavasia and for the salt gathered from its tiny salt lake, thus the name of the island. Principe di Salina Boutique Hotel provides graceful lodges with private balconies overseeing the sea as well.

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