How To Save Money While Traveling

Traveling is an expensive hobby. But it also cleanses your mind from any stress. So it is important to embark on traveling and explore new places. As

Traveling is an expensive hobby. But it also cleanses your mind from any stress. So it is important to embark on traveling and explore new places. As traveling is an expensive hobby, everyone like to save here and there. Some try to save on their flights, and other try to save on accommodation. You need a perfect plan and strategy to bring down the cost of traveling. Following are some of the tips and tricks you can follow to bring down the cost of traveling. Follow them and your bank account will certainly thank you.

10 Tips on How to Save Money While Traveling

  • Taking part in free activities
  • Booking tickets from a travel agency
  • Buy your items from local stores and farmer’s market
  • Accommodation
  • Carrying food items during outings
  • Using Public transport and hitchhiking
  • Go on offseason
  • Buy a local SIM card
  • Show some flexibility in everything
  • Creating a budget

Taking Part in free activities

When you visit any certain place, you can always take part in local activities. That can be a social work, charity or any other community work in which you can take part. In this way, not only you can take part in a goodwill cause, these activities are sometimes paid and offer other benefits. So always try to take part in such creative activities.

Booking Tickets from a Travel Agency

Before embarking on any journey, make sure you don’t purchase extra expensive tickets from the airline website. Always book your tickets from a reputable travel agency, especially when you want to travel to a European country. A travel agent can easily help you find cheap flights to Portugal or any other country, as tourism is boosting and a perfect climate all year round means you can go anytime.

Buy your items from Local Stores and Farmer’s Market

When wandering in foreign cities, trying to find food and other supplies, you should always buy from a local store or a farmer’s market. They offer the best items at the least prices as compared with superstores and brand shops.


Before booking your hotel, you should always double check its location. You truly want to find a reasonable place to crash near all the landmarks that you have planned to visit, as you can easily deduct traveling costs from your overall expenses. We also recommend you to stay at a hostel rather than a hotel to save a little extra cash.

Carrying food items during outings

Always carry some snacks, water bottle, and other items when touring a city. You may end up saving a little extra when you carry food and water in your backpack. In this way, you can also avoid eating unhygienic food that may get you a stomach bug.

Using Public transport and hitchhiking

The best way to save on any trip is public transport. A private transport can easily rip you off as it is luxurious. Using a public transport means you use what locals are using. Although it may sound a little inconvenient, this is a great way to save a healthy sum of money. You can also hitchhike through countryside and valleys, although we don’t recommend it to everyone first hand.

Go on offseason

Going on offseason have its own benefits. You can find cheaper tickets, hotel rooms and more availability of everything. The crowd is also less as compared with on season, so everything is solely for yourself.

Buy a local SIM card

When traveling across any country, it is imperative to buy a local SIM card and use it for making calls, internet, and other stuff. Roaming can cost you extra money and we highly advise you to do so.

Show some flexibility in everything

When you are on a budget, it is imperative to cut cost here and there. You need to travel at night if it means you can save a few shillings. You should also compromise on a perfect hotel room to save your money when staying at any hotel. Being flexible is important for a traveler on a budget.

Creating a budget

As a traveler, you should always plan a trip by keeping a budget cap in your mind. It is also important to stick to it. Eating a fine meal at a fine place can crave anyone, but it is also important to ignore those feelings for the sake of traveling an extra mile. Following a budget is a great way to keep yourself on track.

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