Three Things The F1 Pit Crew Can Teach Us About Teamwork

Depending on the number of fans that Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have, anyone can simply state that the drivers of the Formula One Racing are

Depending on the number of fans that Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have, anyone can simply state that the drivers of the Formula One Racing are the ones who get the most attention.

However, what people forget is that without the precision teamwork of the pit crew, these legends would be unable to get off the starting blocks, let alone over the finish line.

This sport alone has inspired and given rise to many businesses across the UK, where organisers arrange f1-themed events for their corporate clients.

Companies looking for ways to improve employee engagement can enrol their teams in team building activities such as pit stop challenges.

Moreover, these organisers also help in planning and managing corporate events, exhibitions, launch parties and much more.

Apart from inspiring businesses, this sport also promotes teamwork. Believe it or not, but companies can learn a lot from the F1 pit crew.

Here are three things that F1 pit crew can teach us about teamwork.

1: Detailed Preparation = Polished Performance

There are many things that take place within a very short span of time when a car comes in for a pit stop. In less than five seconds, a team of 16 or more professional and highly skilled individuals become a completely focused team towards whatever they are working on.

Each member involved in the pit crew is responsible for a specific task and is dedicated to executing it to utmost perfection. From operating on the front or rear jacks to making certain wing adjustments are done properly – or merely holding the driver in place, everyone is well-versed with what they have to do, how to do it and when it needs to be done.

To attain the required level of accuracy, it generally takes everyone involved to go through a lot of preparation and a huge amount of physical and mental training.

And by dedicating enough practice hours in this, these teams can deliver a polished performance and keep their drivers in contention on the track.

Likewise, in the business world, the tasks and timescales may be different but the principle thorough research and preparation is the same.

Companies that follow a rigorous and methodical approach (especially the ones who appreciate the work performed behind the scenes and the people who do it) stand a much greater chance of achieving success in the long-term.

2: Clear Communication Is Key

There should be clear communication between the pit crew members and the drivers. Before the evolution of technology in Formula One Racing, the communications were often chaotic and disorganised between car-to-pit.

Now due to advancements in technology, drivers and pit crew members can communicate detailed information to each other during races, making the stops comparatively faster.

Similarly, businesses need to have effective communications strategies implemented. It helps in preventing misunderstanding and promotes engagement and innovation. It also fosters strong workplace relationships between employees.

3: Everyone has to play their role

Another similarity between Formula One and business is the fact that in both the fields, everyone who is involved has their individual role to play.

In Formula One racing, the pit crew tasks are broken down into minutest of detail. One person is directing the car into the precision position, one holding the ‘brake/in gear’ sign, while someone else is responsible for removing and replacing the wheel nuts.

In other words, everyone involved is given specific tasks and are supposed to play their role with utmost sincerity. It does not matter how small the individual tasks are since every single action is essential to get the cars back on track.

A company should work pretty much in the same way. Of course, there are people who have a much visible role, but depending on the size and nature of your company, you need to have personal managers, finance and sale specialist, IT experts and many more to come together, making sure the company runs smoothly.

No matter what kind of tasks an individual performs (be it big or small), each member contributes in their own way to the overall success of the company.

As their employer, you should remember and acknowledge these people as much as those whose work puts them in the limelight.