A snapshot of the commercial loans offered by Truerate Services 

If you are looking forward to opting for a commercial loan, then you can consider the offerings by Truerate services. Whether you are looking for a bu

If you are looking forward to opting for a commercial loan, then you can consider the offerings by Truerate services. Whether you are looking for a business or a real estate loan, you can expect the best offerings from Truerate services.

In this article, we will guide you on how to go for an easy and convenient commercial loan like a commercial real estate loan and leverage the same for expanding your existing business considerably.

In this article, you will learn how Truerate targets the investors’ community. Read on to know more.

All about Truerate services

Truerate services is an investment sale and capital market of real estate platform that is aimed towards helping you find the right financing for your existing or new project venture through a simple, efficient, user-friendly and standardized online portal for a faster and accelerated equity or debt placement procedure.

Truerate services is a company inaugurated in the year 2020 by the reputed Olive Tree Holdings and is managed by veteran investment and financial experts with a combined experience of 50+ years in this specific field. The major trade of Truerate services is primarily centered on Investment sales and Capital Markets.

Dan Gorczycki is an industry veteran and managing director of this company. He is responsible for the implementation of growth & expansion strategies to grow Truerate services.

Commercial loans by Truerate services 

Truerate services is a trusted company that facilitate businesses to get commercial loans operating in the space of real estate in the commercial segment. This specifically means that the debtors and lenders can effectively use the Commercial loan services offered by Truerate services for supporting the building of & investment in the properties belonging to the category of commercial real estate. Truerate services primarily include the following:

  1. Debt financing 

The procedure of debt financing is the commonest way to receive a desired amount of money for starting or growing a particular business. Through the help of Truerate services, several businesses are able to raise an amount of money which can be utilized as capital expenditures or working capital from organizational or individual investors. Truerate services is a broker company which facilitates these transactions.

2. Equity placement

The procedure of Equity placement is proven strategy of raising capital that allows a particular business to inject the required funds by exchanging a company’s stocks. Equity investors do not need the business to pay back that amount as the concerned investors then own the company’s part and would demand a return from the investment with the company’s growth.

3. Investment sales 

Regarding the investment sales of Truerate services, the owners receive the desired benefits from the real-time real estate market in the commercial segment. The movements in commercial real estate market will feasibly determine the real estate asset’s real market value. This is highly beneficial as the owners are completely assured of receiving the asset’s right price, informed by the existing conditions of the market.

Commercial mortgage services by Truerate services 

Businesses can raise capital from investors through their mortgage debt instrument. This is the nature of the loan that helps a particular business with debt financing, building several commercial real estate assets, capital expenditures, and expansion.

For receiving a commercial mortgage, a particular borrower will opt to leverage their commercial real estate asset like their warehouse, offices or shopping centres.

Like many other types of loans, commercial mortgages come with an interest that a particular business is supposed to pay as an additional amount along with the principal loan amount. Truerate services help the business in acquiring a commercial mortgage, and the amount they receive can be used for the growth and expansion of the business.

How is Truerate services different and superior to other similar service providers? 

Commercial loan offered by Truerate services combines the apt technology and experience in advising clients on the best debt. For businesses aiming to receive a commercial loan or invest in a particular business, the input time is virtually zero as Truerate services conduct all the necessary work and proceedings to make it happen successfully.

A few of the best qualities which make Truerate services stand out from the others are as follows: 

  • Skilled advisors – The team at Truerate Capital Markets are very skilled in the existing capital markets industry & so you can surely expect skilled advice that will rightly meet all your needs.
  • Experience – With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the financing of commercial real estate segment, loan industry and capital markets, the clients can be assured that these several decades of experience will surely be used fruitfully for their benefit.
  • Technology – Truerate uses relevant market data in real-time, which helps maximize the returns for the company’s clients.

Major things that you must ideally know regarding commercial loans 

If you are a business owner, then you must be interested to know what commercial loans are and how they can be of immense benefit. Commercial loans are nothing, but essentially loans for businesses that can be used for financing a wide variety of expenses incurred by businesses like the start-up costs cost for expanding a business, expenses in buying equipment for business operations etc.

There are several commercial loans, including credit lines, term loans & SBA loans. Every type of loan in this category has its own set of terms & conditions. So, this is very crucial to conduct enough research to find the most suitable loan that may be tailor-made for the business you own or want to start.

Commercial loans versus Traditional loans 

There are a number of key differences that persist between commercial loans and traditional loans. So, you should be aware of these differences while shopping for a loan. The major points of difference are as follows:

1. Purpose 

Commercial loans are usually opted for by business owners for some specific purpose, like purchasing equipment for business or commercial real estate. Traditional loans, on the contrary, can be utilized for several purposes.

2. Terms of repayment 

Commercial loans generally have short repayment terms, and in most cases, the repayment term is much shorter than traditional loans’ repayment terms. Traditional loans usually come with a longer repayment term, giving the borrower more time to repay the loan.

3. Rate of interest 

Commercial loans come with a higher rate of interest than traditional loans; thus, you should be prepared for the same.

Marketplace for the commercial loans 

A marketplace for commercial loans is indeed a new phenomenon in which one trusted online platform usually connects thousands of businesses looking for secure commercial loans to grow and expand their business.

The brokerage or platform usually serves as a middleman and collects interests and principal payments, handing over the amounts to various investors and deducting their agreed fees.

What to consider before you opt for a loan? 

While looking forward to taking a loan, whether it is a business loan or a consumer loan, there are a few things that you should necessarily ascertain before going ahead. These include:

1. Considering your present income & expenditure 

You must know how much money you earn and your fixed expenditures. This will give you an idea of how much of a loan you can conveniently opt for. You should be able to pay the EMIs comfortably and never miss the payments.

2. Calculating how much amount you can borrow

Making a fair calculation of your income as well as expenditure will fairly help you in determining how much amount you should ideally borrow. You can use the available online calculators that give you the EMI calculations on the amount of loan you opt for in a specific tenure.

3. Shopping around 

Before finalizing where to borrow, you should look around and carefully consider the rates, terms as well as other crucial factors and determine if those are suitable for you or not.


You can surely and safely opt for commercial loans from Truerate services. By doing so, you will be able to unlock new streams of revenue and keep your existing business going strong or expand the business considerably.


  1. How will be my eligibility for a loan calculated if I want to opt for a commercial loan? 

Your loan eligibility will be calculated based on the below-mentioned factors:

  • The credit score of the business entity/director/partner/proprietor as per the information reflected by the leading credit bureau.
  • The financials of the last two years of the concerned borrowing entity.
  • Judging the ability to pay EMIs without any default.

2. What is the difference between part prepayment and pre-closure? 

Part prepayment usually refers to the situation when a commercial loan customer is willing to repay some portion of the principal outstanding of a commercial loan. On the contrary, pre-closure refers to paying the entire principal outstanding in one go at any point during the loan repayment tenure.

3. Is the facility of part payment allowed in the case of commercial loans? 

Some lending institutions offer the facility of part payment in the case of commercial loans. Still, certain minimum and maximum limits are set at the lender’s discretion.