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Why Doing Garage Door Repairs On Your Own Isn’t A Smart Decision?

We all have DIY spirit in ourselves and when it’s about garage door maintenance and repairs, we think about saving some bucks by doing all the repair

We all have DIY spirit in ourselves and when it’s about garage door maintenance and repairs, we think about saving some bucks by doing all the repair work on our own. When you first experience any issues with the garage door, then you think that the repair work is easy and you can do it all by yourself without any help and save all time, money and effort. But, you should know that DIY garage door maintenance and repairs actually come with some pretty grave risks. In this blog, we are going to talk about those risks only.

When there are dripping from the kitchen faucet, then you generally rush to the local store and get the repair parts that you would require to fix the leaky faucet. When there is an issue with your washing machine, then you can do some research on the internet and solve it in just a couple of hours on your own. Also, when there is a hole in your drywall, then all you need to do is purchase a few items and you can do the patch-work in no time, but when there is a problem with your garage door, then the first thing you should do is to call the expert. Let’s check out why:

Torsion Springs can be Very Dangerous:

Garage doors have two types of garage door spring systems, the first one is extension systems and the other is torsion systems. A torsion system is widely used and is very common and they are very dangerous when it comes to maintenance and repair. Torsion springs are placed in a horizontal manner on the opening of the garage door. When the garage door is pulled down, then cables that are attached to the corners at the bottom actually force the spring to get back to its original position. This energizes the system and when you open the garage door, the springs then open and the energy is transferred to the door. This helps in lifting the door.

The whole procedure sounds simple, but when these springs settle, they can be very dangerous. The mechanical energy which is stored in the springs could harm you in case the spring breaks and your face, arms, chest or even eyes could get hurt very badly.

You Can Make the Problem Worse:

when you do the garage door maintenance or repair work on your own, then maybe you are trying to do everything in the right way, but still without knowing you could make the condition worse. You have no idea, which partly plays what role in the garage door system and thus while repairing you might work on the wrong part and end up damaging the entire system.

Falls are Very Dangerous and Deadly:

as per the studies, thousands of people get injured and even killed due to home-related accidents and the number one cause is the falls. You are very susceptible to a fall, thus you should avoid it wherever possible. When you are climbing ladders to fix garage door problems, you don’t know when you would lose your balance and fall, so avoid it and call an expert.

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