Excellent Tips on Your Regular to Electric Car Restoration Project

Owning a motorcar has remained a symbol of status since its inception and the trend will persist for several years to come undeniably. However, in the

Owning a motorcar has remained a symbol of status since its inception and the trend will persist for several years to come undeniably. However, in the past couple of years, car owners have been undergoing regular rise in price of fuel globally and keeping a car in pristine condition has lost the battle. Classic cars bear the brunt of such phenomenon the most as their parts are not easily available and they cannot be serviced by any tom dick and harry. In fact, several automobile owners are now converting their cars to become more fuel efficient and less polluting as government laws are becoming stringent day by day.

The way administration laws are upping the ante on pollution norms, soon there won’t be any internal combustion engine car plying on the roads. In lieu of all such factors, several car manufacturers and a couple of auto enthusiasts have gone blatant towards electrifying the engines on their vehicles. In fact, many carmakers have an electric version of the regular gas or diesel car available in the showrooms. The repercussion of such a phenomenon results in rise of electric car manufacturing across the planet and buyers opting for them in appreciation

Green fuel, clean fuel – electricity!

Despite going the electric way has become a revolutionary and interesting step towards curbing pollution and making the environment greener, the situation has also has received positive backing from consumers worldwide. The future is indeed paving its way towards hybrid and electric vehicles with the advanced evolution of the fuel cell vehicle powered by hydrogen. The electricity that is usually produced by atomic power stations is among the most resourceful ways to achieve the power to charge electric vehicles. EVs do not emit any smoke or do they give out any pollution and are analogous to fuel cell powered cars that only give out water as a byproduct. Moving towards eco-friendly ways will soon become the only option to power automobiles of the future as the government could soon restrict the usage of volatile fuel. Electric vehicles can be quite expensive. If you’re looking for a more cost effective solution, why not check out best business car lease deals and consider what other leasing options you may have

Older cars can be restored with more torque

On a lighter note, people who are obsessed with their cars need not worry anymore as there are multiple conversion kits available in the market that can convert any diesel/ gas-powered car into an electric or hybrid one. Going the hybrid way is comparatively more complicated than going fully electric as hybrid engines combine the power of the existing IC engine and an electric motor. Converting a conventional car to electric might seem a tad heavy on the wallet initially but the running costs will soon justify it in the long run. In fact, passionate car owners who have little or intense knowledge about working on an automobile can install an electric motor in their current car’s engine bay with ease. There are several YouTube videos on the internet that further educate engine swapping in a step by step procedure which additionally makes things effortless for such enthusiasts. Once the conversion is complete, your car’s power output is measured in kilowatts rather than brake horsepower and the newly installed electric motor usually produces more torque from zero RPM which makes the car really fun to drive!

Information for Electrification of Conventional Cars

So how exactly do you covert a regular fuel guzzling car into a silent performance machine? Ahead of installing the CBU kit inside your existing car’s engine bay, make sure you purchase the right kit from a reputed manufacturer. You must make sure to remove any battery consuming extra accessories such as high powered amplifiers, auxiliary lighting, floodlights and any other power sapping accessory fitted on the vehicle. Carefully remove the existing powerplant with the help of a mechanic or a knowledgeable friend and dispose it off. In fact, you can get a good amount of money by selling your engine at organized used engine resellers or even stow it away for further usage. While you are removing the engine, you will also have to eliminate the fuel lines, fuel tank and fuel pump as they too will also not be required anymore after the conversion. You can easily sell such redundant components at used auto parts without any difficulty.

Once you have completed the conversion, you might realize the top speed of the car might become a tad lower than the conventional IC motor one but that is not a major issue to worry.