Style Your Favourite Tunic Dress In These 5 Ways

Nowadays, with the modernisation and the retro trend influencing the fashion industry simultaneously, countless variations in tunics have arrived. Whi

Nowadays, with the modernisation and the retro trend influencing the fashion industry simultaneously, countless variations in tunics have arrived. While women think of devoting more time towards catching up with the latest patterns and designs available, it is equally crucial to focus on the styling technique and learn to adapt the tunic in many ways.

Hence, in this article, we bring you the top five ways in which you can style your favourite tunic dress for a different and a fresh appeal. If you want to stand out from the crowd by effortlessly elegant, check out some best-selling designer tunics online at ampm.in today!

Let The Tunics Take The Lead

Not all tunics must be worn with bottom wear like jeans or pants and must be given their space to do miracles to you. Allow the tunics to take centre stage by wearing them as a dress instead of upper wear. 

Pick up the one that flatters your body shape and figure, and let the dress embrace your elegance. Most of them are long enough to be worn independent of any lower. Moreover, you can also wear cotton tunics as your nightdress or a work-from-home outfit to enjoy in a super-comfy, cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Glam It Up With A Coat

When you’re wearing a tunic as a dress, a supplementary thing you can do to add glamour to your appearance is to add contrasting layers. For example, a camel-coloured oversized coat with a long, white tunic would make an excellent modern aesthetic choice to wear. 

Plus, besides putting your arms into the coat, play with the layers a bit. Drape it over your shoulders like a cape, or you can go for the buttoned and belted ones!

Hit The Accessory Button

The next thing you would need to change the typical way of styling your tunics is accessorising your look. Add the glimmer and the shimmer by picking up contrasting earrings- tassels, jhumkas, hoops, danglers, etc. Expand the wave of ornamenting to necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. 

Accessories comprise much more than jewellery. You can add a satchel or a sling bag to your attire, or wear a scarf in numerous styles. Remember to lay focus on the choice of footwear you go with as well. From boots or stilettos if wearing the tunic as a dress to kolhapuri chappals if going for an ethnic look, choosing the right shoes will bring the sense of completion to your appearance.

Snuggle In The Cosiness Of Sweater Tunics

Besides wearing tunics as dresses or designer tops, a new trend of “sweater tunics” have arrived in the market. If you’re rooting to attain aesthetics with the way you dress in the winter, then sweater tunics are what you need. Best matched with jeans and African print skirt, adding a hat and a pair of boots will do wonders!

Widen Your Horizons Of Bottom Wear

Finally, if you’re putting on the tunic as an upper, then finding the most suitable bottom wear is important. There are many options in the market, like bell bottoms, palazzos, jeans, pants, skirts, harems, etc. Don’t remain stuck to the bottom wears you have in your closet. Instead, experiment with new styles to end up with the perfect answer.


Tunic dresses are gaining unfathomable recognition for the flexibility they provide you in terms of styling. Whether you throw in a pair of jeans or nothing at all, you can always end up with an outfit that pleases you and goes beyond your expectations. With these life-changing styling tips in your hands, no longer will people point out at you and recognise the repeating dress. Hence, give them a try and level up your game!

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