Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Stove Clean

You might be an excellent chef but find it annoying to clean all the utensils once you are done eating your meal. It’s definitely not something that y

You might be an excellent chef but find it annoying to clean all the utensils once you are done eating your meal. It’s definitely not something that you look forward to after you have put in so much effort to prepare the meal in the first place.

However, you cannot avoid this task for too long, unless your spouse or partner is ready to do it on your behalf. However, there are some tricks which can help you to minimize your cleaning tasks especially when it comes to your cooking stove.

Discussed below are some ways to keep your stove clean during the cooking process so that you are saved from putting in additional efforts.

Clean spills instantly

There is a very slim probability that there won’t be any spillage while preparing your meals. Spills that occur during cooking are unavoidable. But, the good thing is that we have a found a way to erase them instantly.

All you have to do is the second there is a spill wipe it with a damp cloth or a paper towel. It is important to wipe the spill when it is still warm because they are easy to remove. If they dry out on the surface then you will have to put in more efforts to scrub the spot and remove the stain.

Try to develop a habit of cleaning the cooking stove once you are done preparing your meal. Save yourself from excessive scrubbing by cleaning all spills instantly.

Avoid over-boiling

Most households have a clear idea about which vessel is suitable for particular preparations. But, sometimes, when you are preparing something for the first time you are bound to pick a wrong vessel and the liquid lands all around the cooking stove.

You can actually avoid such a situation by consciously using a deep vessel so that you can prevent splattering. Also, if some portion of the liquid spills, make sure that you wipe it off quickly before it dries.

Clean your stove daily

Due to time constraints (and sometimes due to sheer laziness), you might skip the task of washing your cooking stove. You might be wiping your spills immediately and getting rid of the majority of the stains but it is still important to clean your stove at the end of the day.

You can wash the burner drip plates and some of the removable accessories and manually wash them in the sink. If not in the sink you can also place them in the dishwasher before you run another cycle.

While removing the accessories ensure that you do not unknowingly pull out any electric wire. It is wise to be careful with the control panel knobs while cleaning the base of your stove.

Possibly wash the knobs with hot soapy water and rinse it dry.

This way, you will not cause any damage and the process is quite easy to perform. Remember, to clean the stove before you call it a day.

Use the right solution

Despite your best efforts to wipe of the spills pretty quickly, you are bound to miss some of them and will have to get rid of them in the end. By the time you notice the spill again it has already dried off and will not be removed with a single scrub.

The best method is to prepare a solution of either warm water and vinegar or warm water and dishwashing liquid. Make sure that you take solutions in a ratio of 50:50. Preferably clear them as quickly as possible and not leave it for another day because the next day is likely to be accompanied by a new set of spills.

Cleaning your oven window

The oven is an important kitchen appliance and in order to design the best home kitchens you need to install them in the right spot. For this purpose, you must contact trustworthy experts who can give you accurate guidance about the procedure.

However, as you continue to use them it is common to notice an accumulation of dirt on the oven window. A dirty oven window is likely to reduce the efficiency of the appliance and eventually preparing food in it becomes a hassle.

Instead, you can dip a damp cloth in baking soda and clean the window with it. But, avoid using sharp or metallic tools to clean the window.

Your kitchen décor plays a significant role in the maintenance process. This is why it is advisable to search for an experienced company which helps you to choose a home décor that is more suited to your lifestyle.


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