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Explore Some Effective Ways of Preventing HIV

HIV prevention is surely about following certain rules but it is also about what you believe, who you actually are, and when precisely to act for safe

HIV prevention is surely about following certain rules but it is also about what you believe, who you actually are, and when precisely to act for safeguarding others and yourself from the infection. You would need an informed and holistic approach to keep HIV at bay. You need to understand the implications of HIV and take proactive steps to avoid it.

In this context, you must know that the branched DNA assay is known to provide a robust and unique tool that could be used for accurate quantification of the molecules of nucleic acid. The bDNA is well-suited for use in a research or clinical setting and it has already been effectively applied in several areas and that may include in the monitoring and even prognosis of viral diseases in individuals. These assays are helpful in effectively measuring the viral load present in clinical specimens. Moreover, bDNA assays have actually been developed for measuring Hepatitis C virus RNA, Hepatitis B virus DNA, cytomegalovirus DNA, and human immunodeficiency virus or HIV type 1 RNA. We know that bDNA assays could be detecting less than a hundred copies of HIV-RNA for every ml of blood. Let us explore some important ways of preventing HIV.

Learn to Distinguish between Low & High-Risk Activities

Many people are clueless as to ways of triggering the infection. The fact remains that there are numerous myths and misconceptions associated with HIV transmission. You are sometimes underestimating the risks involved and often overestimating the potential risk. You need to go about with informed prevention techniques and so you need to begin with facts straightaway. You need to thoroughly understand the different modes of transmission, and identify precisely which activities exposed you at personal risk as an individual.

Take Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for Effectively Reducing the Chances of Getting HIV

PrEP or the Pre-exposure prophylaxis is supposed to be an effective prevention strategy that involves taking an antiretroviral pill every day that could significantly reduce your risk of acquiring HIV. This is purely an evidence-based approach and is regarded as an integral element of HIV prevention strategy and also, for reducing infection rates among the at-risk populations. Find out if PrEP is the appropriate preventive measure for you.

Avoid Usual Condom Mistakes

You need to be quite careful while using condoms. Safe sex is the key to keeping HIV at bay. If you cannot practice abstinence, you must essentially use condoms as they are the best HIV prevention technique. The chief reason why condoms fail is simply that they are not used properly or consistently. Safe sex implies using a condom anytime and every time.


Follow all the tips discussed above to protect you from HIV. However, remember to act promptly in case you think you have actually got exposed to HIV. In case you think that you may have got the infection from unprotected sex or some other high-risk behavior, you could consider taking appropriate medicines which are able to effectively reduce the infection risk known as PEP or the post-exposure prophylaxis. You must avoid any delay as prompt action could save your life.

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