Doing Employee Performance Valuation Right

Performance reviews are very important for the employer as well as the employee. The performance valuation can be praises or guidance. The performance

Performance reviews are very important for the employer as well as the employee. The performance valuation can be praises or guidance. The performance evaluation process is important for all companies as it helps in building a healthy relationship between the employer and employee to understand what’s working and what’s not.

You might think writing a review might be as easy as saying “nice work” or “your work needs improvement”, but it is not. There are always issues which need an in-depth discussion. The performance valuation is a traditional process to keep your employees interested in work and inspire them. You can take help from Pay review for this.

Try giving regular, informal feedback

Performance reviews are generally given once or twice a year, which should not be the case. The feedback should be given consistently throughout the year so that it doesn’t come as a surprise to the employees. They should be aware of their performances and should know if they are not performing as expected. Be clear in whatever you write in reviews.

Another thing you should remember while giving reviews is that reviews should not only be addressed to the ones who aren’t performing well, but also to the ones who are doing an excellent job. So that they do not lose their motivation and inspiration. It is important to make them realize how much the company values their hard work and dedication.

Be as honest as you can

Not every person can be perfect and even the perfect ones also have room for improvement. You should address the right problem and master not hesitate to say it. It might make you look bad but it is important to be honest. The discussion is important and cannot be avoided. If you do not address to the person the other employees develop a feeling that you might be weak, coward or partial to not address the person.

Do it face-to-face

You can write a brief review with some discussion points which you can discuss in a face-to-face meeting. It is advisable to meet the addressed person in a coffee shop or anywhere outside the office to make the person comfortable. Another option is to have a video chat if you can’t get hold of the employee in person. A place to place communication is very important as it conveys the message clearly and there is no miscommunication.

An one-on-one discussion is always better as it provides equal time for listening and responding. Having a conversation over email or phone gives a wrong impression that you do not care enough about the matter to make time for a meeting. After talking about the mistakes and weaknesses, you must also discuss the solution to the problems. It is important that they also comment and share their opinions on the issues.

End on a positive note

No matter whatever the review says always end it with a good note. It is important to encourage your employees by appreciating their performance. Any positive comment can help in lifting the spirit and confidence of workers and the zeal they need to perform better.

It is important to make the right choice of words while writing a performance valuation. The expressions should not hurt the sentiments of anybody. You can take help from the compensation management process software which helps in motivating the sales persons of a company.