Is There A Detoxification Shampoo For A Hair Drug Test?

Hair drug tests are now a normal part of every workplace. Employers want to know if their workers are respecting their jobs and whether they are capa

Hair drug tests are now a normal part of every workplace. Employers want to know if their workers are respecting their jobs and whether they are capable of doing the work the best possible way. Not to mention that doing drugs is illegal and the employers want their employees not to have a problem with the law. Read about the law and the drugs here.

That’s why they arrange narcotics checkups once a year. Sometimes these checks are not only for drugs but for making a complete examination of the workers’ health. If this is in question you have a better chance and more time to do something about it. If the test is unannounced and you find out about it too late, you might fail and lose your job. You don’t want this to happen, do you?

There are basically three types of narcotic examinations. The blood, urine, and follicle test. The first two used to be standard, but now the follicle test is being used very often because it provides results that the other two are not able to.

Up to 90 days is the timeframe of detecting narcotics in your hair with this method. When the bosses want to find out who’s been taking drugs, they use this way. Anyway, you don’t have to worry if you take some measures before the stressful time comes. The solution that will protect you is called detox shampoo.

What is a detox shampoo?

Detox shampoos are solutions with a special chemical formula that is able to remove all toxic ingredients built up in your hair. Not only the narcotic leftovers but everything there is that might be ruining your follicles.

This is why it’s best to use it at all times especially if you’re doing drugs from time to time or regularly. The best choice and one of the very few fighters against drugs in your hair is the aloe rid detox shampoo old formula. This shampoo is able to protect you in 99.9% of the cases if you follow its precise routine.

How to use it?

You need to wash with it up to 4 times a day and in a period of more than 9 days to be sure that what you had previously on you will completely disappear. The good thing is that if you use it on a daily base it will protect you for as long as you use it.

For example, if you’re smoking pot every day and you wash with the shampoo right after, you have nothing to worry about. The numbers we previously mentioned are for those situations when you never used it before. If you want to be sure you’re clean and stay that way, use it for 10 straight days and you can feel completely relaxed knowing that you won’t get caught.

Of course, the showering with it is not enough if you don’t do a good job. You need to thoroughly rub and massage your scalp. Why? So you can get the ingredients from it deep inside the skin and make them reach the shaft. When the lab practitioner takes a sample they’ll concentrate on this part especially.

If you do a poor wash and don’t reach deep inside, you’ll probably fail the test because you didn’t actually get to the parts where is the drug.

Is there another way?

No, there isn’t. The only way to prevent this is by preventing hair to grow which is impossible. Even those whose hair fell off with time, still have other parts of the body that can be used for the test. Shaving everywhere might be a good idea, but why doing something funny like his when you can just use a detox shampoo?


As you can see, the drug test is nothing special if you know where to find the right solutions for passing it. You won’t be the first one using it and surely won’t be the first one that passed with its help. If you want to see what other people think, simply open the review on any major website and see what people say and think.

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