Why this is the best time to visit Sri Lanka

There is a lot of misconceptions about the best time to visit Sri Lanka. The small island country has a suitable atmosphere to travel along with a ye

There is a lot of misconceptions about the best time to visit Sri Lanka. The small island country has a suitable atmosphere to travel along with a yearly time duration. The landscapes of Sri Lanka nestled in the Laccadive Sea has tropical geography, the reason being its nearness to the equator. Standing tall at the 25th position amongst the world’s biggest islands, Sri Lanka is the neighboring country of India. Sri Lanka has the blessing of two monsoons in a year, and that’s the exact cause why the visiting purpose to Sri Lanka is year-round! The climate does not remain constantly humid. The weather endures dramatically and can amaze you anytime. Perhaps, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is always a discussion matter of differences. However, it depends on what places a traveler wants to explore thoroughly.

The Weather

The raining pattern in Sri Lanka is a significant determinant that helps in deciding that this is the best time to visit the small island country. The rains from April/May till September drenches the west and southwest coast of the country. The rains from November till March wets the east and northeast coasts of the tropical island. The months of October and November are considered the tremendous months with the utmost possibility of enormous rain with thunderstorms. Due to its proximity to the equator, Sri Lanka enjoys the temperature range of 26°C–30°C during the year. So it is the weather of the country who stand as an arbiter for deciding the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

Chill out in Southwest

Imagine the trip to freezing yourself in the top of the hills of Sri Lanka! On the hills of the country, the higher the altitude falls the temperature needle. Landscapes like Nuwara Eliya and other peaks of islands squeezes in with terrible colder temperature waves. The beaches in the southwestern corner, close to Galle, expect the best weather between late November and early April. Weligama, Mirissa, Tangalle, and Yala National Park are the other south-west located spots that suit this time best to visit. South Coast regions like Weligama, Matara, Tangalle, and Yala face best dry season between December-March.

Cape Weligama

Yala National Park

Colombo Diaries

Rainfall is at its highest between June and September, and the temperature hardly goes beyond 30°C which makes Colombo & West Coast beaches, Bentota, Colombo, Negombo, and Kalpitiya beach plans remarkable. The wettest season of the south coast falls between May-August. The similar is the condition with the West Coast regions like Galle, Bentota, Colombo, and Negombo that witness temperature not more than 27°C. The crystal clear blue skies explored on drz400 bike road trip set an example of boundless beauty that’s unquestionably the eye-catching phenomenon.

Hang on in Northeast

Apart from national parks and marvelous hilltop views, there is a lot more diverse in Sri Lanka. The North & East Coastal beaches like Passikudah, Trincomalee, Arugam Bay, and Batticaloa are astonishing places to hang around. The sunny sands and the cool shore waters thrill the body to feel awesome. The trips that carry minimum luggage on your jeep wrangler roof rack proves favorable in this country to let you explore more. The summer belt starting from April and elongating till June is completely comfortable to visit the Eravur, Passikudah, and Trincomalee in the east and Habarana and Vavuniya in the north and Trincomalee in the northeast region. However, the same atmosphere prevails during January-April whereby the country remains silent due to regular school curriculums going on globally. Find peace during these seasons to best visit the country.

Arugam Bay

Places of Passikudah

The Cultural Triangle

The month range May-September is the dry season that suits perfectly for visiting the places like The Cultural Triangle (Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa). This time is the most suitable to be at the cultural triangle of the country for experiencing incredible human creations. During the duration of October-January, the Northeast coasts face the wet season by clinging to 20-25°C temperature. The season currently prevailing in Sri Lanka equipped only minor water showers that tend towards passing promptly, making this time best to visit the naturally-enriched country.

Miscellaneous Information

The summer syndrome is the primary concern for crowded presence in Sri Lanka right now. Vacation inculcate a purpose for all community, to visit such fabulous destinations meanwhile. There are certain benefits on hotel deals and resorts that extensively serve the best amenities necessary for one’s luxurious comfort. Most of the posh hotels are in the Colombo city of Sri Lanka having the maximum frequency network for all the corners of the country, even to the isolated ones! Visit the central hills of the country in this heating May and take a deep dive into the waters of fresh and clean beaches. So What are your plans to visit the Sri Lankan enriched and diverse wildlife, natural beauty, its lavish landscapes, and many more? Haven’t packed your bags yet? What are you waiting for, the next rain of Sri Lanka? Go get exploring.