Concrete Rakes: How Do They Help With Your Hardscaping Project?

One of the most common features in hardscaping projects is concrete. Many DIYers and builders use concrete as their go-to materials due to its versati

One of the most common features in hardscaping projects is concrete. Many DIYers and builders use concrete as their go-to materials due to its versatility, durability, and affordability. When working with concrete, there are a variety of tools, such as concrete rakes, which will help you get the job done. If you don’t know where to look for them, you can always go to a virtual store offering them. Moreover, buying concrete rakes online, or any of these tools is no more a hassle, thanks to the technology. As long as you are using the right tools and equipment, you can do a lot with concrete.

What Is a Concrete Rake?

After pouring the concrete around your project, you should be able to move it and get it where you want it to be. For this, you need to use a concrete rake to help you push the mixture around. You need to spread out freshly-poured concrete evenly and uniformly. You can do this process in the quickest possible way with the use of a concrete rake.


While using a normal rake is possible for this task, a concrete rake does the job well. This is because concrete rakes are specifically designed to move concrete around. These rakes typically come with a scooped blade. This feature makes these tools efficient at levelling concrete. If you are pouring fresh concrete, it is a good idea to use a concrete rake after to make your job simpler and quicker.


A concrete rake blade usually has a tine on its blade, which helps the mesh or rebar into the right position. This allows you to work on your concrete before it starts to harden. The metal head of the concrete rake is flat on one side and slightly curved in the other, enabling you to use it in scooping. This reliable rake is commonly used in building walkways, patios, pathways, etc.


Guide to Concrete Placement and Finishing

The application of concrete is not always easy, and not all concrete pour is the same. There are various factors to consider when pouring concrete, such as colour, shape, size, the complexity of the project, and finish.


When pouring concrete into your specific project area, make sure the forms are full. As you pour wet concrete, use the concrete rake to move the mixture so there will be no air pockets or voids.


With regard to the finishing process, it aims to create a durable and smooth concrete surface. Timing is vital during finishing, and you need to watch out for the condition of your concrete. Poor application and improper techniques can result in an unsightly and weak slab.


Features to Look For

  • Strong and Sturdy Material: You would want a thick and durable material, and aluminium is an excellent choice. The last thing you want is your tool snapping off while working on concrete. Aluminium rakes are sturdy and less likely to break.
  • Rust-Resistant Metal: Choose metal such as aluminium because they are resistant to rusting. You may also use powder-coated steel. It is important to clean your rakes and other tools after every usage.
  • Secure and Solid Head: You would want a head that is secured in place. Opt for a quality product, so you do not worry about the head coming loose.

Keep in mind that concrete will not wait for you. Using the right concrete rakes can help bring about a successful project and prevent a disaster from happening. Buying concrete rakes online or from a brick and mortar store, is a great investment, and removes rental costs and saves the time to get and return the tools.