5 Simple Indications of a Good Beer

Chances are, many of us can’t distinguish between a good-quality beer from a mediocre one. Before you open up a bottle, you must understand that beers

Chances are, many of us can’t distinguish between a good-quality beer from a mediocre one. Before you open up a bottle, you must understand that beers have distinct characteristics that make them unique from each other. Beer connoisseurs and brewers certainly understand that beers are different from each other. They also understand the brewing process’ intricacy, so they have a deep appreciation for every bottle they open.

If you’re not familiar with identifying an excellent beer, you came to the right post. Listed below are the features you need to remember that makes a good beer. It will help you enjoy your first experience of drinking this iconic beverage.

  1. Smell the Aroma

One of the initial things you notice upon opening a bottle of beer is the aroma. It’s the very first thing you will perceive before you take a sip of the beer. So, before you drink, take a good long sniff. Most beers are made from brewed and fermented malt. It usually has a sweet, nutty, and a tiny hint of sour smell that lingers in your nose. That is a good indication of an excellent beer. Otherwise, if you notice the overpowering smell of alcohol, or perhaps, you notice a different kind of smell other than what’s mentioned above, chances are the beer’s quality is subpar.

  1. Check the Colour of the Beer

Beers come in different colours. There are dark and light colours depending on the type of beer. However, a good indication of an excellent bottle of beer is its colour consistency and clarity regardless of whether it’s a dark or light beer. Observe the colour of the beer while you’re pouring it to a mug. Make sure there is no ice on the mug to get the actual colour of the beer. If the colour is hazy, it’s a sign that the beer is not properly brewed and processed.

  1. Distinguish Its Flavour

Similar to other alcoholic drinks, beer doesn’t have a universal taste. It’s because there are dozens of types of beer, not to mention craft beer. However, it is still possible to distinguish an excellent beer based on its flavour. It can be bitter or sweet depending on its type. Dark beers usually have a bitter and robust taste with hints of wood and nut.

Meanwhile, light beer has a sweet and malty flavour that you can instantly feel in your mouth. A mediocre beer, on the other hand, is usually overpowered with alcohol. It has a bland and metallic taste with no distinct flavour you can identify.

  1. The Feel of the Beer

Beer is an alcoholic drink, so it’s not surprising that there is a feel to it in every gulp. A good indication of a good-quality beer is its actual feel. You can instantly feel it right after from your first gulp. You can instantly feel the refreshing and intimate experience right after taking a sip. The feel of the beer has nothing to do with drunkenness. Meanwhile, a mediocre beer doesn’t have a feel or a spirit even after you chugged down a bottle. Instead, you’re slowly intoxicated by its alcohol content.

  1. Check the Bottling/Packaging

Excellent beer undergoes strict quality control before it is distributed to the market. So, it’s always bottled or canned neatly. You can easily identify its brand, alcohol volume, and the ingredients on the bottle or the printed label on the can. It’s also properly sealed to protect the beer inside from elements like oxygen that spoils them easily. Commonly, beer bottles have distinct colours. They can either be clear glass, brown, or green.

That’s it! You’ve reached the last part!  You should be more confident that you’re more knowledgeable about identifying a good beer than most beer drinkers! Beer is best enjoyed straight up from a bottle, a mug, or from a can. It’s best experienced with friends or family to relax or enjoy. It’s also great to pair with food. But, always remember to drink moderately and do not drink and drive. Other than that, enjoy your very first bottle of beer.