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What is the difference between a Cleanroom Workbenches and Pass-through Desiccator?

Equipment in a laboratory are highly important. Each and every equipment has its own value. Here we are talking about how different equipment work in

Equipment in a laboratory are highly important. Each and every equipment has its own value. Here we are talking about how different equipment work in a laboratory.

Cleanroom workbench

Cleanroom workbenches are very important in a laboratory. They are designed in such a way that they are strong and simple. Not too complex designs to handle. But the main factor which is mainly focused on is the cleanroom is free from contamination.

Cleanrooms are basically enclosed rooms where only highly sensitive experiments are being carried out. There are some chemical substances which cannot be treated in open. As they will reach with the atmospheric elements and create harmful effects. Such materials needs to be handled separately. Cleanrooms are perfect for such chemical compounds. Cleanrooms are so enclosed that there is no chance of any contaminant to enter inside the room. The cleanliness of a laboratory is important, but cleanrooms are specially designed for carrying out such experiments.

Cleanroom workbench are again of great use. In a cleanroom the work is done on a cleanroom workbench. These workbenches are designed professionally in such a way that they do not hold any traces of any contaminants. The cleanroom workbenches are easy to clean as well. They do not get messy while cleaning and does not harm any chemicals present on the workbench. Cleanroom workbench has some more advantages as well. The material which is being used to make these workbenches are corrosion resistant and contaminant free. This is to avoid any sort of inconvenience in the results and the procedure which is being carried out.

Hence cleanroom workbench is a great deal. So before buying a workbench it must be made sure that they serve the purpose well.

Pass-through desiccator

Pass-through desiccators are another equipment in a laboratory which is of great use. They are also used to prevent and avoid the contamination of any highly sensitive material or chemical substance. Desiccators are basically used to store the hygroscopic elements. Hygroscopic elements are those elements which reacts with the atmospheric content aggressively. Hence these type of chemicals needs to be taken care a little more than the others.

Desiccators consists of desiccants which helps in lowering the moisture or humidity content inside a desiccator. Pass-through desiccators are a special kind of desiccators. These perform the same function as the normal desiccator but they have a special quality. Pass-through desiccators can even be used to transfer the contents from one chamber to another. This cannot be done in a normal desiccator. But pass-through desiccators are highly compatible to transfer the highly sensitive elements from chamber to chamber without letting any moisture content enter the desiccator.

The features of a pass-through desiccator also involves the contamination free storage of the chemical compound. In a normal desiccator there are a few chances of humidity to enter the chamber, but pass-through desiccators does not give such a chance. Hence they are more efficient than the normal desiccators.

Hence these are the two most highly equipped and carefully handled instrument in a laboratory.