Best Places To Visit in Greece

Introduction Snow-capped mountains, turquoise water, and sandy beaches are something Greece is known for. Talking about satisfying travelers' needs Gr


Snow-capped mountains, turquoise water, and sandy beaches are something Greece is known for. Talking about satisfying travelers’ needs Greece never fails to satisfy them. The country has many Islands as well as historic sites which will take you back to the old days. 

Greece is a place where democracy has begun and has given rise to western culture. Because of the beautiful view, it offers and its delicious cuisine attracts people from different corners of the world. The country is full of beautiful places to visit and listing all the places in one go would be impossible. So here I am listing the top places to visit when in Greece. Let’s get started-


When in Greece, visiting  Santorini is a must. This very well-known place in Greece is known as the “diamond of the Aegean”. Santorini Island is one of its kind and there is nothing like it. The beauty it holds will mesmerize you and is known in the world. On visiting Santorini Island you can do lots of activities. For example- you can walk across the Island, explore the villages, take a dip in the water, watch sunsets, go to the volcanic beaches,  enjoy seeing whitewashed houses, or can enjoy yummy food at the restaurant near it. Its beauty can steal anyone’s heart and this is the reason why Santorini Island is everyone’s favorite. When in Santorini, you can stay at-

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With diversity in its culture, Nafplio is an Athens Elite playground. If you have no limit on your budget then you can surely visit Nafplio. This place has various places to discover. Some of them are-  The Ottomans, Byzantines, Venetians, and much more. Adding more glitters to its beautiful places like- Citadels and fortresses dotting the hillsides are worth your visit. When in Nafplio, try to interact with the locals living there to know more about this town. Nafplio once used to be the capital of Greece which many visitors don’t know about.  Talking about the present scenario, this friendly town offers you some good restaurants serving delicious foods, beaches where you can chill, narrow and winding streets, the finest seafood, good architecture, and whatnot. If you are a newlywed or couple then do pay a visit to one of the most romantic towns in Greece. 

Where to stay- 

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located in the Ionian Sea off the northwest coast this Island does not only have a rich cultural heritage but is equally known for its mountains and beaches too. This greek-Corfu Island is ranked among the top ten places to visit in Greece, which means you definitely cannot afford to miss visiting this place. What’s more interesting is that if you are not a crowd lover then also you can equally enjoy your company by spending time at the isolated beaches. At Corfu, you will get a variety of options to explore when it comes to beaches. Apart from sandy beaches, you can also explore the old Corfu town and villages which are full of beauty. These places will take you back to the historic times as you can find the anti-pirate castles from the old times as well as the remains of the Venetian builders. No doubt that Corfu is an extremely beautiful place to visit and offers various activities to do. 

Where to stay- 

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one of the historic places in Greece, once used to be home to many Minoan civilizations who ruled the region about 5000 years ago. This relic of the bronze age is one of its kind and has been preserved for many years for the amazing view offered to its visitors. When in Greece visiting Knossos is one the must thing. Moving on, you can pay your visit to the hall of kings which is located where the legend of the Minotaur and Labyrinth was played out, or can also take a look at the fine pottery. Not only this, visiting this city will take you closer to the history of Greece and therefore is one the most recommended places to visit. 

Where to stay-

  • Apartments Christina – From $53 / Night, Rating 9.1.
  • Idli– From $69 / Night, Rating 9.8.
  • Boutique Hotel – From $129 / Night, Rating 9.5.


if you want to enjoy and experience the best nightlife then you should visit Zakynthos at least once. Famous for its cool and happening beaches, Zakynthos is surely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece. The turquoise water, beaches full of white sand, huge white cliffs and more adds more glitters to the beauty of this place. Even if you google, you will find that Zakynthos is ranked among the top places to visit when in Greece. One of the best places to enjoy your beach holiday this place offers its visitors not one but Twenty seven beaches which is quite a good number. If you are a selfie and photo lover then you should visit Shipwreck Cove which is known as one of the most photographed spots in Greece. Apart from Shipwreck Cove, you can also go to one of the most visited tourist destinations Navagio beach which also plays a very important role in making Greece a must to visit the place. One of the biggest party spots for all the party lovers out there Zakynthos offers idyllic beauty which visitors visit this place again and again. 

Where to stay-

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 if you are visiting Greece then do not forget to visit Athens which is considered to be one of the best cities in Greece. Visiting Athens will take you to the past as this city holds many things from the past. The city has witnessed the beginning of democracy, the emergence of western civilization, and much more. This vibrant city is full of Greek culture and beautiful places like- the Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus, the Plaka district, and much more which makes it one of the most visited places in Greece. Visitors can go shopping, eat their local delicacy at the restaurants, or can purchase good handcrafted things on the cobbled streets. This incredible place is a hub for serving varieties of delicious authentic food that you can’t deny at any cost. 

Where to stay- 

  • Acropolian Spirit Boutique Hotel – From $145 / Night, Rating 8.5.
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one of the famous Greek Islands located off the Southwestern coast of Turkey is a place for people having different tastes. Whether rich or not, this place has something for everyone. The place is a mixture of archaic history, quaint towns, and pristine beaches and has some best swimming spots. If you are a party holic then do not miss the Faliraki’s night party and if you want to spend a luxurious day then switch to Rhodes’s five-star hotels which never fails to provide you with the best treatment. Rhodes is a perfect blend of history and paradise and has Rhodes Old Town as its capital. It is said that the capital was once home to the Colossus of Rhodes. This historical place is a beautiful blend of incredible scenery, amazing nightlife, and swimming spots. 

Where to stay- 

  • Stegna sea view apartment – From $59 / Night, Rating 9.9.
  • Evdokia Hotel – From $100 / Night, Rating 9.0. 


When in Greece you definitely can’t afford to visit this place. Meteora is one of the best and most unique places to visit in entire Greece and Europe.  Known for its old churches, this place is located in the middle of northern Greece. When in Meteora do not forget to visit the world’s heritage site “The Meteora Monasteries” which has been given the double status of art and nature. Kudos to the bluffs and hoodoos of Meteora to hold both states. Visiting this place will take you a little closer to their culture. People there worship god with great passion, same as in the gone days. Situated in the 14th and 16th centuries, this place is worth a visit. 

Where to stay-

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  • Guesthouse Gkoura – From $53 / Night, Rating 9.3.
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Final Words

Planning for holidays is quite a difficult task because of a busy schedule. But! If you are planning to visit some good holiday destinations then you can surely count Greece in your top ten list. Greece is full of life, history, beauty, and whatnot. It has everything one looks for to enjoy on holidays. The above mentioned are the top places which you should visit when in Greece. They don’t only serve you good food but are home to beautiful scenery. So! What are you waiting for? Go book your tickets now. 

Thank You! 

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