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When people think of foreign Holiday destinations, they count Florida for sure. Florida is known for its beautiful sunshine, parks based on different

When people think of foreign Holiday destinations, they count Florida for sure. Florida is known for its beautiful sunshine, parks based on different themes, juices, alligators, and more. But! This is not the end, there are a lot more things to discover in Florida than you think. 

Florida is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and is very famous for white-sand beaches which are extended up to miles and miles. Not only this, But Miami and Miami Beach are also the site of attraction and are known for their Art Deco architecture, beaches, and Cuban culture. 

Heading towards the South, one will be able to witness more sand, sunshine, sea, etc. If you are a scuba diving, snorkeling, or picturesque road trip addict then you should visit this place at least once. 

Beaches, sand, overseas highway, Cape Carnival, and Orlando (famous for offering amusement parks and Disney World) work as icing on the cake. Florida has many more things and places to discover than what I have mentioned in the above paragraphs.

In this article, I will be mentioning some of the beautiful places in Florida that you should visit. Let’s get started- 

  • Panama City Beach: Visiting Panama City Beach will introduce you to 43km long white sand located on the Emerald Coast. This is one of the most visited and liked places by the people living in the Southern United States and the college as well the high school going students at the time of spring break. People visiting this place can enjoy the Emerald green water and can bask in the sunlight. Not only this, people can take the advantage of many golfing marine parks which comprise alligator parks and water parks, different sports like- golf, etc. Panama City Beach is worth your visit when in Florida. 
  • Naples – also known as the Gulf of Mexico City,  Naples is known to be one of the richer cities in the United States. If planning to buy a house in this city, you might have to pay an amount of $40 million. The development along the shoreline of Sanibel and Captiva Island is kept for residential purposes. Do you know why this place is called Naples? Well! It is said that the bay over which it is situated is far better and more beautiful than the bay of Naples in Italy.   a beautiful city full of beautiful beaches, the wildlife refuges like – Everglades National Park, Florida Panther National Wildlife Reserve, and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary work as the cherry on the top.  Not only this, visiting Naples will give you a chance to explore different arts and different shopping hubs. 
  • Sanibel Island- Located just off the Fort Myers (Gulf of Mexico) this Island is a must to visit place for all peace lovers. This family place is connected to the main city or mainland with the help of a causeway. Its natural beauty is something that can drive you crazy and is a site of attraction for thousands of visitors every year. People visiting this place can enjoy the Beaches and at the same time can go shell hunting. This long narrow Island is very unique and is surrounded by many Wildlife refuges which cover half of its area. With 70,000 or fewer permanent residents, it is said that this place might have had filibusters in the past. Sanibel Island is not only famous for its beaches and wildlife refuges but also has a historical museum, art centers, and botanical garden which you should visit when in Sanibel Island. 
  • Fort Lauderdale- Fort Lauderdale was once used as a very popular spring holiday destination for people all around. Still, now, this place is known for its sophisticated cultural center and its increasing social gatherings. Also called ” Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, 37km. North to Miami Beach. The expansive canal system, impressive tourist infrastructure, and an abundance of hotels, golf courses, museums, and marinas are some of the things which make this place worth your visit. “Port Everglades” known to be one of the busiest cruise-ship ports in the world is also located in Fort Lauderdale. The ships from Port Everglades go to different places like- Mexico, the Caribbean, and many more places. Not only this, Fort Lauderdale is always ready to welcome you and other tourists to its most special party hub “The Strip” located near the city beach, and is famous for serving good food and drinks. 
  • Clearwater Beach-  The Intracoastal waterways separate Clearwater Beach from the main city.  Famous for its white sandy beaches, it was named the best beach town in Florida by USA Today in the year 2013. This place offers a lot of activities to do. For example- you can just lay down over the white sand, swim, enjoy fishing time with your friends and family, can go sailing, kayaking or for dolphin tours, and much more. On Visiting this place you might witness couples getting hooked with each other on the beach side. If you are a fishing lover then you should visit Pier 60 which not only offers you a long fishing pier but also has a playground, and snack bar along with entertainers who keep entertaining you while you enjoy your snack session. Not only this one can purchase good crafts from the local artists and can interact with them too. Talking about the beach, you can enjoy the drinking fountains on the beach and can also go for a shower to wash the sand off. 
  • Everglades– famous for its natural beauty, this place is one of its kind. Famous for its unique ecosystem- swamps, saw-grass prairies, sub-tropical jungles, Everglades also possesses the largest mangrove complex in the Western Hemisphere. Located in South Florida, More than half of the Everglade region is covered by Everglades National Park which is home to many birds, fishes, animals, and reptiles along with some endangered species like- The Western Indian Manatee, The American Crocodile, and The Florida Panther. Not only this, the park has a total of four centers for visitors to educate them about the Everglades, and different tours and provide you unforgettable experiences. Visitors can take a tram tour to witness a variety of wildlife like- Alligators, Turtles, Deer Herons, etc can also enjoy the educational displays or can watch beautiful views from the observational tower at the very popular Shark Valley Visitor Centre. You can go on a boat tour to visit the Ten Thousand Islands, a labyrinth of mangrove islands. You can view manatees, dolphins, and pelicans from the Gulf Coast Visitor Centre. Not only this, you can go for a self-guided tour to the Everglades by renting a canoe and kayaks. 

The ranger-led tours of Ernest Coe and Flamingo are very famous. You can take a tour of the Everglades by taking an airboat tour. If you are visiting the Everglade National Park then don’t miss the chance to go hiking trails, biking trails, fishing, etc. 

  • Tampa Bay Area- Located in the Gulf of Mexico, the Tampa bay area is famous for its large natural harbor. Several popular cities like Tampa and St. Petersburg surround this place and are also home to NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There are a lot of places to visit for visitors. Some of them are- visiting Busch Gardens, going to a theme-based Park, Africa’s Serengeti Plain dedicated animal zoo, and don’t miss taking Florida’s best roller coaster ride. For all the beach lovers, St. Pete Beach is worth a visit. With a world ranking of fifth, this beach is known for its clear water and sandy beaches. 
  • Orlando- For all the theme park lovers out there, Orlando is a sure-shot destination for them. The city has more theme-based parks than any other place. Florida, with two million people, welcomes 51 million visitors every year and most of them come to visit this fantastic place. Orlando has various places to discover. You can visit Walt Disney World, Epcot Centre, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Gator Park, etc. This hurricane-free city is home to the second-largest college in the USA and is a must-visit place in Florida. 
  • Miami- The place, known for its Latin culture Miami is worth your visit. This vibrant city is known for its nightlife and its cruise ship tours. Every year the city port witnesses the world’s largest population for the cruise and is located in the south of Florida, off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The ethenic culture of Miami is something that attracts thousands of tourists across the world. You can do a lot of activities like- you can enjoy the sunny beaches of Miami, you can also go to the Miami beach and can take a look at the Art Deco Architecture, etc. 
  • Florida Keys–  Connected with the mainland with a series of bridges, this place is 120 miles long tropical Island and is known for the Seven Mile Bridge which is used for the shooting purpose. The Florida Keys have three major parts- the upper keys, the middle keys, and the lower keys. The Upper keys (Key Largo) is famous for shopping, dining, accommodation, nightlife, etc. Whereas if you want to explore a quiet and remote atmosphere you can opt for the Middle Keys and Lower Keys. You can also visit the Big Pine to witness the very popular Whitetail Deers. Also, for all fishing lovers, you will find the Sport Fishing Capital of the World at Islamorada Key. 

Final Verdict

It is very important to know the places to visit when you are on your vacation. Here are some of the places which you must visit when in Florida. Visiting these places will introduce you to the real Florida and let you experience their culture and popular activities. Hope this will help you.

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