Best Place to visit in Colorado

Famous for its Rocky Mountains, wilderness areas, and National Parks, Colorado is a renowned travel destination for many tourists across the world. Th

Famous for its Rocky Mountains, wilderness areas, and National Parks, Colorado is a renowned travel destination for many tourists across the world. The Place offers some exciting activities to its visitors. Some of them are- hiking, biking, camping, and much more. Colorado is known for its incredible culture, which makes it everyone’s favourite vacation place. One of the major beer-producing states, Colorado has legal authority for using Marijuana for pleasure or enjoyment purposes. The natural and cultural beauty of Colorado makes this Place worth your visit. 

#10. Breckenridge – With a very little population, this historical mining town is located 105 km (65 miles) west of Denver. When the skiing season is at its peak, the population gets multiplied by ten times the actual population. The town has four mountains that mark the border of the southwest side of Breckenridge. Offers 2,300 skiable acres to its visitors. Moving towards the north of Breckenridge, you will get to see the town’s original ski mountain offering skiing opportunities to all the ski lovers up to the 13000-foot (4000 meters) high peak. The city is known for its cultural beauty and National historic Registered buildings, making Breckenridge a must-visit in Colorado.

#9. Black Canyon of the Gunnison- Famous for the narrow Black Canyon made millions of years ago. This results from an erosion caused by the river Gunnison which is 2700 feet (820 meters) deep. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison was established on 21 October 1999. This National Park has two entrances- the South Rim and the North Rim. The South Rim is located 24 km east of Montrose, whereas the North Rim is located 18 km south of Crawford. This Place offers many activities to do. You can enjoy camping at Blue Mesa Point, hiking, fishing or can go for a boat tour. The Curecanti National Recreation Area nearby offers a visitor’s centre along with Marina facilities and 10 campgrounds. 

#8. Vail- The city built to accommodate Vail Ski Resort has 193 skiing trails. You can visit this city to explore the largest and most popular single-mountain ski resort in the country. If visiting in the summer, do not forget to visit the Tyrolean-style village as well. You can also enjoy fishing and rafting in the nearby streams and lakes. Not only this, you can watch the different fishes just by chilling across the lakes and streams. No doubt why Vail is one of the dream destinations for many fishermen. Apart from fishing and rafting, you can go for various activities like horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, and golf when the weather is warm and sunny. 

#7. Great Sand Dunes National Park- Moving towards the South of Colorado, the Great Sand Dunes National Park is the best to visit and is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. The dunes created are due to the wind blowing from the nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains and are approximately 750 feet (230 meters) in height which makes them the tallest dunes in North America. On visiting the park, you will get a chance to perform activities like – sand- boarding, sand skiing as well as sand sledding. Moving towards the main parking area, you will get the medium-sized slopes to slide on, while the 300-foot (90-meter) tallest slope that tumbles onto Medano Creek will bring you a real sense of thrill.

#6. Boulder-  Traveling a few miles to the north of Denver is a college town called Boulder. Settled opposite the foothills of the Rocky Mountain, the occupant of Boulder is known for its good and healthy lifestyle. This Place is not only famous for its healthy lifestyle but also known for the ample options available for outdoor activities. Boulder’s brook is lined by biking and walking trails where you can enjoy biking and walking at the same time. Extremely favorable for pedestrians, the four-block Pearl Street Mall is famous for watching outdoor performers in all seasons but mostly when the climate is unfavourable. Not only this, you can enjoy the incredible views, hiking on the hiking trails, and picnic with your friends and family at the Baseline Road on Flagship Mountains.

#5. Aspen- Famous for its ski resorts, Aspen has been the popular choice of celebrities and rich visitors. Aspen is a popular holiday destination for many people who visit Colorado, and there are significant reasons behind all the hype it gained. It is considered to be one of the best places for skiers as the city have four resort that provides ample skiing opportunities starting from the Buttermilk mountain’s gentle slopes to the ungroomed terrain of the Aspen Mountains. When visited during the summer season, you can go fishing from the Roaring Fork River or can go to Maroon Bells to enjoy the leisurely hikes. The Maroon Bells are said to be 14,000 feet (4,300) in height and are one of the most picturized mountains in Colorado. 

#4. Colorado Springs- Famous for its mountain views, Colorado Springs can be the Best Place for all the mountain lovers out there. People come here to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful views from the top of the mountains. It is also said that the inspiration for writing the song “America the Beautiful” has been taken from here. You can either go to the heights of 14,115 feet (4,302 meters) to enjoy the views from the top or else can enjoy the ride on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Apart from the mountains, you can also visit the “Gardens of the Gods” which is famous for its sculptural sandstone formations and balancing rocks. You can also pay your visit to the Museums, Art Centers having expertise in fine arts, Rock Ledge Historic Sites, and open-air museums where you can learn about the past lifestyle of Colorado Springs through the act enacted by the costumed docents. 

#3. Denver- Also called the “Mile-High City”, this city is found at a high altitude when compared to the sea level. Known as the largest city, Denver is the capital of Colorado. If you are a winter lover, then you should visit this place at least once. Moving towards the east of the rocky mountains, it is known for its mining and cowboy history. Not only this, you can find lovely art, Museums, and Art complexes which are the largest performing art centres. The city culture scene is yet another thing to experience. So whenever in Colorado make sure to visit this Place. 

#2. Mesa Verde- If you go towards the south of Colorado, you will find Mesa Verde where you can still find the hanging houses of the Anasazi people of ancient times. This Place reminds you of the native American culture of the U.S and is preserved for the same. It all started in the 12 century when Anasazi people started making their houses in the caves, under the rock, along the canyon walls, etc. You can go to Mesa Verde to see the very popular Cliff Palace which was built by Puebloans in ancient times. The cliff is made from sandstone bricks, whereas the mortar is made from water, clay, and ash. The cliff has 150 rooms along with 76 open areas. Due to modernization and the increase in population, the Anasazi community started migrating by the 1270s and is now found in the New Mexico and Arizona region.

#1. Rocky Mountain National Park- located on either side of the Continental divide, Rocky Mountain National Park is famous for having some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Best for all the mountain lovers, this National Park has a total of 77 mountains ranging from 7,500 feet to 12,000 feet which is approximately 2,200 meters to 3,600 meters. This park hosts three million tourists every year who come here to spend a night between the mountains and to enjoy the night camps. The park offers you hiking trails of about 350 miles from where you can view the wildlife prevailing in the park. The park has creatures like elk, bighorn deer, bighorn sheep, etc. Not only this, the park has the highest paved road as compared to any National Park in the United States. You must visit this park to witness the scenic Trail Ridge Road. 

Final Words

Whenever you are out for a vacation, you always seek the best areas to visit in that Place. If you are planning to visit Colorado, then it is important to know about the places you need to discover. The above-mentioned are the top ten places to visit in Colorado. These places are full of life, offer rich culture, National Parks to discover, Museums, activities like- hiking, fishing, trekking, skiing, and much more. So! Whenever you plan to visit Colorado, then make sure to visit these places and make your stay fun and enjoyable.

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