Dress to Impress: 5 Best Men’s Watches for Office Wear

Watches do not only tell you the exact time of the day but somehow define you as a person and your style statement, as well. This helpful device can

Watches do not only tell you the exact time of the day but somehow define you as a person and your style statement, as well. This helpful device can make it known whether you are minimalist, refined, or athletic. 

That said, it’s crucial to consider what you want your timepiece to imply about you before you buy one, mostly because some watches can be costly. Take note that some options can run into thousands of dollars. 

Essentially, a watch is something you’ll wear every day, especially in the office. Thus, it must fit your style. With many options to select from, finding the perfect timepiece can be a minefield. For a little help, here are five best watches for office wear. 

Pulsar Quartz Stainless Steel Watch

This timepiece boasts two metallic tones of gold and silver, making it an understated watch that’s easy to wear with any outfit. The smooth and polished teal face highlights a day and date window and is simple in design. 

What’s more, the Pulsar Quartz Stainless Steel Dress Watch is water-resistant up to fifty meters and would work excellently both in an office setting and gym setting. 

Breitling Montbrillant 01 Automatic

This high-end timepiece from Breitling is ideal for those who would like to show or exhibit their individuality. The Breitling Montbrillant 01 Automatic is a limited edition with only five hundred watches being made. 

At $8,300, this limited edition timepiece is pretty expensive. Even so, any watch collectors, enthusiasts, or lovers will tell that the Breitling Montbrillant 01 Automatic is an investment piece that will be enjoyed for generations as it stand the test of time. 

With a blue-green dial, a crocodile-patterned brown leather strap, and forty-seven jewels, this timepiece has a bit of a nautical feel. The color of the dial is similar to the color of the deep ocean. Additionally, the thick stitching detail on the watch band is reminiscent of boating and yacht clubs.

Ultimately, the entire look of the Breitling Montbrillant 01 Automatic is perfect for office attire. It can even be worn on special occasions. 

Tissot Luxury Automatic Silver Dial Watch

This classic timepiece from Tissot is available under $500. The Tissot Luxury Automatic Silver Dial watch features a stainless steel bezel, strap, and case. What’s more, the luminescent or glowing markers and hands make it not difficult to see the time, especially in low-light conditions. 

Also, the eighty-hour power reserve will ensure that you will not be left with an unfunctional, dead timepiece once the battery is drained. Moreover, with a scratch-proof sapphire crystal dial, the Tissot Luxury Automatic Silver Dial Watch exudes with classic appeal and elegance while still being low-key.

This watch would surely be the perfect gift for any gentleman because its style is suited to any age and is timeless. 

Tommy Hilfiger Sport Luxury Watch

This Tommy Hilfiger luxury watch boasts a sunray design, gray dial, offering an entrancing edge without being overly showy or prominent. The watch’s black strap is created from calfskin leather, which is more loose-fitting and comfortable compared to metal or human-made alternatives.

Moreover, the Tommy Hilfiger Luxury Watch features an analog display and quartz movement, oozing with a sophisticated and modern style. Design and look-wise, the timepiece is slick and stylish, yet still low-key. 

The Tommy Hilfiger Sport Luxury Watch looks classic and solid in monochromatic colors, which could be worn with any colored shirts, suits, and tie combinations in the office. What’s more, it is water-resistant up to fifty meters. 

Even so, it’s not wise to soak wet the leather strap. At under $70, the Tommy Hilfiger Sport Luxury Watch looks expensive yet reasonably priced. 

Nixon Porter Leather

This modern styled timepiece from Nixon benefits from a Miyota quartz movement and a custom leather strap. It boasts a chunky design, a gunmetal case, and a unique burgundy colored dial.

Those who choose to wear this watch will surely love the statement it will make and the oversized case. Designed initially by surfers who need to see the dial effortlessly and comfortably while surfing, Nixon timepieces all share a bold and significant look.


Looking for the perfect timepiece to wear to the office should not be difficult. Instead, it is a simple task since we are spoiled with options on the market. Find something that speaks volumes about your personality, preference, and style. Also, look for a watch that will suit anything you wear at the office. 

Some of the best options available today are the watches listed in this article. Each of them offers something unique and special to the wearer. Even so, don’t get cramped or restricted on these five options as there are still many watches out there that you should check out.