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5 types of basic living room layouts for you to try

Modern living room trends are swaying towards a mix of classic and contemporary styles. You can either choose bold colors on the walls or go with mono

Modern living room trends are swaying towards a mix of classic and contemporary styles. You can either choose bold colors on the walls or go with monochrome furniture or may even invest in well aired light colored living rooms. Whether you have a very big or narrow living room, decorating it can be daunting for anyone. If it is not done properly it can ruin the beauty of the whole house. With various modern trends and styles making an appearance it is very confusing to choose. The owner may actually go overboard and input many trends together at once. Then it will make the room overcrowded.

The customer can try out the following living room styles.

  • Contrasting Color palette:

The living room can either be Light colored or dark themed. But instead of going for the ordinary one may choose a darker backdrop and pastel furniture. Or else the owner may create a light colored background and choose dark wooden furniture. The contrasting theme would give an Edwardian feel with a modern twist.

  • Incorporate nature and make the room airy:

Plants may be a great way to decorate the living room. One may leave a huge French style window dotted with few plants here and there. It would increase the light flow and air in the room. The owner can also create many conversational zones by bringing in a glass table or bean bags around the room. Reflecting material makes the room big. The latest sofa cum bed designs which are L shaped or long also make the room fuller yet giving it a relaxed feel.

  • Featured walls:

The walls need not always have a boring solid color. The customer can create a timeless look by giving one wall a different makeover. The wall can be of a different color, have graphical prints on them or may be of a different structure. The goal is to separate it from the rest if the room and making it the center of attraction. Nowadays many such paints are available which are nonremovable and many types of graphical prints using leaves, tin plates, CD drives are done on the textured walls. Some even paste wood implants on them in different shapes to give an aesthetic edge to them. Some walls may be purposefully broken at places. The owner may put lights there and create a unique glow for the room. The owner can customize the walls in many ways.

  • Unique furniture pieces:

Mirror on the walls, along with cupboards, or even behind the TV stand or anywhere make the room look more spacious. If the person wants to give an edgy feel to the room, he can invest in weirdly shaped or textured pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, or patterned curtains or bold colored pillows, etc. Many tables that seem like they were not polished and gives off a matte feel are the new trend. Glass on furniture gives off a classy feel. If one has a large budget customized furniture as per taste is the best way to design your living room. Everything can be hand-picked. One may also refer to the sofa designs online for more ideas.

  • Artworks, show pieces, and DIY:

The owner can make use of their existing furniture to make a personalized touch. If they want to give off an aesthetic feel, they can incorporate more artworks and showpieces in their living room. If one is artistic they can put up Polaroids on their walls and can use a bunch of string lights to draw attention there. They can also put up hand-drawn canvasses and art on the walls. They may also draw patterns, writings on the walls to personalize it. This would give an added warmth to the living room.

The customer should have an idea about the room size, existing furniture and budget to have the best outcome. One may visualize the different parts of the room first and then start the search for pieces of furniture.