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Having a Postgraduate Degree Will Lead To Success

Humanistic psychologists believed that there is inherent goodness in all human beings and that man is always striving to improve oneself. This is the

Humanistic psychologists believed that there is inherent goodness in all human beings and that man is always striving to improve oneself. This is the reason why we take on challenging tasks, why we rise above trials, and why we seek to continuously become better versions of ourselves. Psychology is one of the most popular choice for a bachelor’s degree in college, and those who decide to finish it have a wide variety of employment opportunities. There are probably more psychology graduates than any other discipline in the behavioral sciences. But in this highly specialized and competitive world, a bachelor’s degree will no longer be enough. Pursuing higher education or a postgraduate degree like PsyD in Clinical Psychology is an advantage and will open greater opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Education is the Key

Someone once said, that education is the only thing that you can achieve solely for yourself and wherein all your efforts will lead you to a better life. Going to school however and getting an education is not an easy task. Some people would balk from the idea of having to go to school again, but you can never get an education if you do not make the time to go to school. For some, the idea of going back to classes, doing paper works, reading tons of materials and taking exams are too much for them to handle, especially for those who are advanced in age. But there are no shortcuts to success, a Psyd in Clinical Psychology would enable you to practice and have your own clinic which could never be had if you are content with just having a Bachelor’s degree. Without a doubt, education is the key, and when it comes to social mobility, those who have a higher education diploma and the training and skills will move faster than the rest.

Master’s and Doctor’s Degree

A master’s degree in any field is the first level of postgraduate education that is taken after completing a bachelor’s degree. This is another 2 to 3 years of formal education, internship and research writing. For most disciplines, a master’s degree is enough, like having an MBA or a master’s degree in public administration. In universities and colleges, the minimum requirement for a teaching position is a master’s degree in your field of specialization.

A doctor’s degree like Psyd in Clinical Psychology is the last tier in higher education, most would take up a doctor of philosophy or Ph.D. program. Those who complete a doctoral program will be referred to as doctors and are assumed to have gone through rigorous training, internship and research to get to this point. Some programs offer a two in one program, where students can take their master’s and doctor’s degree at the same time and graduate with two diplomas. Although this track would take you more time to complete, it nonetheless will enable you to study continuously and complete two diplomas, rather than studying one and then having to continue going to school after it.

What is Success?

In reality, success can be measured in a number of ways, and we each have different definitions of success. But one thing remains constant, that success gives you that feeling of pride and being accomplished in your own way. In our society, however, success is measured in the amount of money you make, or the kind of people you hang out with, or even where you eat for lunch or what space you use for parking. Having a good paying job, having a sense of power and authority and commanding the respect of your colleagues are just among the few of how we define success. And success can be had by having a Psyd in clinical psychology, for those who would want to make a career out of psychology in its most lucrative field this is your best option.

Psyd in Clinical Psychology

Psychology is a lot of things, and it is concerned with every aspect of a person, however, it is with the area of abnormal psychology, mental health, counseling, and psychological evaluation that it has gained relevance. Most people do need help in their adjustment issues, their satisfaction and well-being and their ability to succeed in life. Thus, getting a Psyd in Clinical Psychology can be the best option for you.

There are a number of universities that offer a Psyd in Clinical Psychology program, and since most curriculum are regulated and has to comply with the requirements for licensing and accreditation, the courses are basically the same, the difference, however, is the approach used to teach it, and the methods utilized to further learning of theories and concepts and mastery of skills and competencies.

Having a Psyd in Clinical Psychology would naturally lead you to becoming a clinician and a psychotherapist and probably having your own clinic and practice. You can also be a university professor and researcher whose interests are in clinical psychology. Whichever the case, having Psyd is an advantage and will lead to success in one’s career.

Where to Enroll?

As certain universities specialize in certain disciplines, for example engineering at MIT and mathematics at CalTech, the best psychology programs are also found in Ivy League universities, but without enough financial resources, this is difficult to achieve. One has to be content with good and affordable universities, one that still is able to provide you with the skills and knowledge that will make you an effective clinician but not having to take out huge student loans or having to work numerous jobs to send yourself to school. Choose a university that has competent professors who have also made headlines in their field of specialization. A university that has small teacher to student ratio is also more favorable.

If you happen to be working and taking time off from your work to go back to school is not possible, then a new option of blended learning is now available. This is when half of the semester you are to work on site with your teachers and classmates, and the other half is done online.

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