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How to write a constructive dismissal resignation letter

A constructive dismissal resignation letter is a type of document given to the employer which states that you are going to leave your current role in

A constructive dismissal resignation letter is a type of document given to the employer which states that you are going to leave your current role in the company permanently due to some reasons. This letter will tell the reason for leaving the company. 

In this situation, if the company violates the terms and conditions with the employee then the employee decides to resign.

What does a constructive resignation letter comprise? 

Here is the list of some of the points which a constructive dismissal resignation letter comprises of:- 

  • A resignation statement – This is very important that a resignation letter should contain a statement that clears the point that you are willing to resign.
  • Reasons behind resignation – You will have to include the list of reasons behind your resignation and information which supports your reasons. 
  • The point which states about the outcome of the action of your employer – After stating the reason behind your resignation, now describes the action of your employer which reflected your job activity. 
  • The type of notice you are providing – Notify your employer about your work in the company and tell them whether your resignation is productive instantly or not.
  • Some other reasons related to your resignation – Write any other practical reasons regarding your reasons which are necessary according to company protocols or you have to take any of your belongings from the employer.

Steps for writing a constructive resignation letter 

Below listed are some of the steps necessary to include in your constructive resignation letter.

  • Add address and header of your employer – At the start of the letter, you have to write a header that will tell you about your first and last name, your contact details, and email details. Adding your contact information is necessary because it helps the employer or members of the company to connect with you easily if they are having any problems or issues regarding your letter. After adding your header, write the salutations for whom the letter is being written. According to the situation, you can send your letter directly to the company’s manager, supervisor, or human resource manager. You can also send duplicates of your resignation letter to the other departments of the company if you want to tell your reasons behind your resignation to them.
  • Add resignation reasons and constructive dismissal – Now start your body of the letter firstly telling about your reasons behind your resignation. In your letter, write that your employer has broken the contract and hence, for constructive dismissal or discharge you consider yourself eligible. Also, describe in a letter how your work activities have been impacted due to your employer.  Also, discuss the reason for your unhappiness as the result of the employer. It’s also necessary to say that you don’t have any personal choice but you are leaving your job under some pressure so that higher authorities will understand your situation. 
  • Add practical problems such as the level of your notice or letter – When you have discussed that you are willing to resign and defined the reason for leaving, give any practical problems, including the level of your notice or appeal for wonderful charges or salary. This will allow you to make sure that you have received all of your things and anything which belongs to you or you may need from your employer. You will have to submit this letter on the last day of your job. 
  • Add conclusion with your signature – At last, end your letter with the conclusion and your signature. In conclusion, you should add any steps or decisions you are going to take before your resignation. For example, before you leave, you have to complete some of your tasks or you want to assist your co-workers with their work. You may also ask your employer to make sure that everyone is aware of your resignation. Now at last close your statement by adding regards, faithfully or truly with your name and signature with the date.
  • Make a review of the letter – After completing your letter of constructive resignation you need to revise it once whether it has any grammatical errors or spelling errors. Read every word one by one to make sure that there should not be any errors. You can also show your letter to any of your friends or colleagues to make any changes if required. If you will submit an error-free letter to the higher authorities then it will make a very good impact on them and they will feel that you are taking your dismissal as a very serious incident and will show your professionalism to them.

Guide for writing a constructive dismissal resignation letter

Here are the guidelines or you can say the format for writing the constructive resignation letter. By taking the help of this format you can write your resignation letter.

[Full name]

[Contact number]

[Email address]

Dear [Name of your higher authorities for whom you are writing the letter]

I am writing this letter to notify you about my resignation from the position of the [job title] with [name for your present company for whom you are working]. Do accept this formal letter as a letter of resignation. I am resigning because I don’t have any other option because of [reasons of your employer who have violated the rules and regulations and any other behavior regarding them]. 

Because of this reason, I decided to resign. This letter is operative [Last day of your work in the company]. 

Kindly do submit an acknowledgment of this letter as soon as possible. 


[Full Name]




A constructive dismissal resignation letter is being written by an employee of the company against the employer who violates the terms and conditions of the company. In a constructive resignation letter, you should include the resignation statement, reasons behind the resignation, a statement which tells about the employer’s action, the type of notice you are giving, and any other practical problems. Start your resignation letter by first adding the header and address of the employer. Secondly, you have the right reason for your constructive dismissal. And then include your practical problems or any other type of reasons. At last, conclude your letter and add your name and signature with the date. After submitting it finally you should revise it once so that it doesn’t contain any grammatical errors. 

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