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Top 10 Immigration lawyers in USA

Introduction To understand the meaning of Immigration lawyers first of all you have to know the meaning of Immigration. Well! When one person moves t


To understand the meaning of Immigration lawyers first of all you have to know the meaning of Immigration. Well! When one person moves to another new country, this movement is known as immigration. When a person moves to another country they need some piece of advice related to documents and information related to the work process that needs to be completed before going to another country. They can seek immigration lawyer for this purpose.

Immigration lawyers make sure that the client gets enough information and hassle free service. They become the source of guidance for their client and advise them on every single thing i.e, from visa work to suggesting a good place for them.

The USA being the most powerful country in the world is full of very talented immigration lawyers in every corner. In this article I will be listing the top 10 Immigration lawyers in the USA whom you can consult. Let’s have a look at them-

Top 10 Immigration lawyers USA

1. Elsie Hui Arias- Elsie Hui Arias is one of the top immigration advocates in the USA and works for Stone Grzegorek and Gonzalez LLP, Los Angeles. She is a certified lawyer by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. She has been into this profession since 2007. With a pledge to serve 50 hours in a year Elsie Hui Arias holds expertise in many areas like- citizenship and naturalization, board of immigration appeals, ninth circuit court of appeals, EB-5 immigration etc. In her career she has received remarkable achievements like- assisted clients with both I-526 and I-829 petitions, helped regional centers to obtain amended designations. She is a respectable member of California State Bar from 13 years.

2. Edward Beshara- Edward Beshara (Ed. Beshara) is a well-known EB-5 immigration lawyer in the USA and works for Beshara PA, Orlando. He has been into this profession since 1983. In this long career he has a list of many achievements which makes him one of the best US’s immigration advocates. Being a member of Association to Invest in the USA (IIUSA) and serving on the best practice committee, Ed. Beshara has helped many clients and solved issues related to immigration. Not only this, he is also linked to the top international business association i.e, Academy of International business. He looks after all EB-5 processes right from filling 1-526 petition, pre-approval of projects, regional amendment etc. He has been a part of 25 EB-5 projects. Having the highest AV rating this man has received AILA’s award for his outstanding work.

3. Robert Divine- Robert Divine is a top immigration advocate in the USA and a chief council of USCIS and six times vice president of IIUSA. On becoming the chief council member he worked on regrounding EB-5 and focused on eliminating smoke and mirrors. He retired in 2007, and started working as a shareholder at Baker, Donelson, Caldwell, Berkowitz and Bearman. In his career he has helped many EB-5 developers regarding USCIS program interpretation, providing clear and easy filling which were extremely easy to understand. Knowing the unpredictable cycle of EB-5 regulation, Divine has handled the cases by providing right guidance. He has always been focused on enhancing the transparency and integrity level in his industry. He has successfully solved cases related to EB-5 immigration with collaboration with many lawyers.

4. Ignacio Donoso- Ignacio Donoso was a founder of IA . Donoso and associates LLC, Maryland with I5 professional lawyers who look after the EB-5 immigration matters. Donoso has helped many hardworking and talented people to live in the USA and to make their dream come true. He has also contributed in the creation of US jobs. Donoso being a reputed name in the immigration lawyer industry he ensures that his clients knows the risk involved in EB-5 breedingimmigration and also focuses in providing tools to overcome the risk. He is known for his dedicated service to his client. Donoso has served in AILA National EB-5 committee.

5. Charles Foster- Charles Foster is the big name in the as an immigration lawyer as he has served president George W.Bush in the year 2000 and 2004, Persistent Barack Obama in the year 2008 presidential campaign, Jeb Bush in the year 2016 campaign. Being a chairman of Foster LLP he is the council general of the kingdom of Thailand. Not only this, what makes Foster the top Immigration lawyer is a long list of success. From being the chairman of State Bar of Texas Immigration and Nationality law Section, Past National President of an. American Immigration Lawyer Association to receive the maximum number of awards from the American Immigration lawyers foundation and the Houston Bar Association. No doubt he is one of the best immigration lawyers one can find in the USA. Also he was the first person to win the Friend of China award.

6. Robert Gaffney- Being the owner of law offices of Robert P. Gaffney, San Francisco Robert Gaffney has been serving his clients for the last 30 years. When it comes to the best immigration advocate in California, surely Robert Gaffney c counts among one of them and is certified by California State Bar Council. He is an extremely talented and knowledgeable advocate who focuses on solving immigration issues. He along with highly skilled lawyers provides counseling on the masters related to Immigration process, EB-5 issues. He has received the highest rating for an attorney’s integrity and AV ratings.

7. Marc Santamaria- Marc Santamaria being the founder of recognized firm Santamaria Law firm, San Francisco. In his firm he works on the belief that all people are equal and deserves equal opportunities irrespective of the place they belong. His firm is well known for its dedicated lawyers who hold good experience in the immigration and citizenship law. They dedicatedly work for their client and provide an easy approach. Being one of the best of immigration lawyers in the USA, Marc Santamaria is fluent in many languages like- Chinese, Tagalog and English. This Phd scholar has successfully handled many non immigrant and immigrant visa appeals.

8. Alan Eisner- Being founder of Eisner and Gorin Law Firm this human is one the best immigration lawyers in the California USA. With dedicated work from the past 31 years, Eisner has helped many clients over issues like immigration, criminal accusations etc. In 1986, Alan Eisner became a member of California Bar. Not only this, Eisner has a long list of success. He has been the Deputy Public Defender (1987-1992), worked in United States District Court (1992), has been a member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Association of Federal Defense Attorneys, Criminal Council Bar Association.

9. Caro Kinsella- Though not born and brought up in the USA, Caro Kinsella is surely one of the best immigration lawyers in the USA. Gone through the same immigration process Caro Kinsella is well aware of the issues raised during the immigration procedure. Being the immigration and nationality law expert she is allowed to practice immigration laws in 50 States. She has been successfully handling all the immigration cases, issues related to green cards and providing all the information related to the immigration process to her clients. Her dedication towards her clients and non discriminative attitude makes her one of the best immigration lawyers in the USA.

10. Attorney Daniel P. Hanlon- Serving from 29 years to his clients on the issues related to Immigration laws , Daniel P. Hanlon is another well-known certified immigration lawyer in the USA. He is the founder of immigration law firm i.e, Hanlon Law Group. He played a major role in immigration appeals for the Ninth Circuit before the United States Courts of Appeal. He has successfully handled cases related to visa petition for both immigrant and non immigrant, athlete, tretary trades etc. Not only this he has been the speaker in the Los Angeles County Bar Association, is a respectable member of American Immigration lawyers Association and has many awards like Southern California Super Lawyer and Southern California Rising Star in his favour for his outstanding work.

Final Words

The USA not only has the powerful force but also has the outstanding immigration lawyers who are committed towards serving their clients. We can say that these lawyers play a very important role in immigration process and in achieving your dreams.

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