Benefits Of Using WordPress Over Shopify For E-commerce Development

From the last many years, the number of eCommerce platforms has come and gone but WordPress is still. The variety of eCommerce technologies have made

From the last many years, the number of eCommerce platforms has come and gone but WordPress is still. The variety of eCommerce technologies have made it easy for everyone to own an online storefront. With the emergence of new eCommerce development platforms and few existing ones, there are tons of choices to make. 

But there is a common question of every beginner. 

What Platform Should They Use?

WordPress or Shopify? 

The short solution to this common query is: It depends. However, there are many reasons that make Shopify and WordPress different from each other. But let us explain what is WordPress and Shopify before we dive into the benefits of choosing one over the other. 

What Is WordPress?

WordPress, the all-in-one website designing software allows you to create the website of your dreams. Furthermore, you can easily perform the technical setup that does not require many skills as it offers various plugins, extensions which helps in handling the store operations with ease. 

In addition, WordPress provides you with thousands of free/paid themes and layouts to choose the best one for your site. However, depending on customizations, there might occur the need for coding and skilled developers to handle the tasks. 

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce tool that brings you the opportunity to build an eCommerce online store from scratch. Moreover, there is no need for developer or designer as there is nothing like coding in Shopify. 

In addition, this is a paid tool that can be used either online or offline. 

Now, as you are somewhat aware of what is WordPress and Shopify, let us move on to the benefits that make WordPress more popular and powerful eCommerce development platform than the Shopify. 

1. WordPress Is Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness is one key measure that differs WordPress from other platforms. If we talk about its upkeep and WordPress maintenance expenses then it is very affordable because of the availability of various plugins and extensions. The website maintenance can be handled on own instead of employing the WordPress developers or designers. 

This is the one main reason why WordPress eCommerce development is considered as the most successful website designing software.

2. SEO Ready

It is very essential to design the SEO friendly site to achieve business goals. WordPress makes it easy to reach your goals and meet every demand of your customers. It is an SEO-friendly platform that allows you to build simple websites that are perfect for Google Indexing. It allows you to make use of header tags to simplify the indexing, keywords in URL, plugins like the Yoast SEO, SEO Ultimate. 

Ultimately, the main aim behind designing the website is to reduce the efforts of customers finding your store and the products offered by you. Right? 

3. Responsive Website Design

Most of the businesses just design websites and does not work on their responsiveness. It is very crucial to design the online sites that are both desktops as well as mobile user-friendly. Besides this, if you focus on fast website loading speed then also there are the chances of your business growth.

So, all this becomes possible with WordPress as it offers a variety of responsive themes, layouts, and designs that helps in providing the great user experience. 

4. Ideal For Content Management

In this digital world, unique and fresh content plays a vital role. In such terms, a simple business WordPress theme is more advantageous than other platforms. It allows you to update the content on site within a few seconds and can perform this task frequently without any hassles or going through multiple steps.  

The best part of using WordPress as the website designing platform is this not only perform content optimization but also increases the credibility of your business too. 

5. WordPress Is Flexible And Easy-To-Use

Although WordPress came into existence to support blogging and online advertisements, it is also meant for other website purposes too. Today it is widely used to manage small businesses, websites of large enterprises, and build personal blogs. Whatever are the company’s requirements like social networking, podcasting, the available package of WordPress will be suitable to site’s needs. 

If we talk about the WordPress platform usage, then it is quite easy to use. It comes with built-in plugins and extensions that help in easy setup of the website. 

6. Social Media Integration

Last but not least, seamless social media integration is another benefit that you can avail using WordPress as the eCommerce development platform. It becomes very easy to combine your social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook with your website to ease the efforts of logging in the accounts every time and then publish the fresh content. 


Both WordPress and Shopify platforms are created with the thought of two different types of online stores. Mainly, Shopify can prove to be the best choice if you are a beginner and WordPress is best both for beginners as well as experienced website owners. 

So, there’s no specific platform that is best as every online store development software and tool is beneficial in their own ways. So, if you are confused between WordPress and Shopify then count on these above-discussed benefits and figure out whether WordPress can help you design a website of your dreams or not. However, if you don’t want to make efforts or utilize the time on designing the site on your own then you can find the best ecommerce development company that is expert in website development and designing and can help you meet your website designing expectations.  

Author Bio

Ravi Sharma, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Webomaze Technologies, an Ecommerce development company India translating wordpress needs into reality and helping various businesses to grow worldwide with a unique online presence. He is a traveler and loves to explore new places.