How to use FileZilla (Ultimate Guide)

FileZilla is a free, open-source FTP software that enables you to transfer files from server to site quickly and easily. This can be used across mos

FileZilla is a free, open-source FTP software that enables you to transfer files from server to site quickly and easily. This can be used across most hosting servers. FileZilla is widely used and very popular, due to its digestibility and ease of use. Although this platform is very easy to use, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Read on for the ultimate guide on how to use FileZilla.

Setting Up

First things first, as with any and all systems, clients or hosts, is the setup. Before you do anything, you need to download the FileZilla client, this process might vary as to whether you’re using a MAC or a PC. You’ll be met with cohesive installation instructions that are easy to follow and quick to set up! These instructions will vary for different devices.

Find your FTP Details

In order to connect your FileZilla client with your host, you need to obtain your FTP details. You’ll need to source your host address, username, password and live web directory in order to log on.

Fire up FileZilla

Once you’ve secured your FTP details, you’ll need to open up FileZilla and enter your FTP login details. Be sure to include as many as possible, if not all the details that you have. Once your FileZilla connects with your web page’s host, you’ll see that your files appear. To upload a file to your host account, right-click the file in question and choose upload, your uploaded files can be found under the Successful Transfers section.

Once you’re all set up and uploading files happily, you can begin the process of downloading too!

Find your Files

Your uploaded files will be situated in the right-hand interface, all in a clear list that’s stored on your hosting server’s database.

Download Your Files

This is the same as uploading, simply right-click what you want to download, choose Download and it will move to the left-hand side. This will also be confirmed, as with uploads, in the Successful Transfers section.

Once you get the hang of this process, you’ll be uploading and downloading your files seamlessly. The FileZilla server makes transferring, uploading and downloading files incredibly easy. It’s not an essential program, but if you want to connect your personal desktop or laptop to your host server in a quick and easy manner, then FileZilla is right for you.  

FileZilla enables you to make direct changes to your website on your own laptop or desktop. This amazing tool will help you to make up to date, relevant changes to your online platforms that will keep your visitors coming back for more. A high functioning, fast loading and aesthetically pleasing webpage is going to put you ahead of the game and capture the attention of your audience for years to come! 

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