Why Physical Security is Still Important?

Aside from installing a burglar alarm system in your home, there are now a huge range of technologies available to make your home as safe as can be! W

Aside from installing a burglar alarm system in your home, there are now a huge range of technologies available to make your home as safe as can be! When planning your home security you should map out all of the entry points in your home including all doors and windows and see how you can work with a security company in Gloucester to enhance the security from there. 


CCTV stands for closed circuit television and can keep an eye on your home or business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The main reason people install these cameras is to record information and footage for surveillance, security checks and sometimes in an unfortunate event. 

Homeowners are very busy people and it is almost impossible to keep an eye on your home throughout the day. It is a terrible fact that theft has gone up in recent years, so it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your home using CCTV. We would suggest installing CCTV cameras at the front door, back door, near any stairs and any doors that go directly onto a main road/street.

Access Controls

Access controls give you the power to provide preventative measures against unauthorised individuals entering your property.  Electronic access systems and door entry solutions give you the authority to let who you want and when you want into your business/home. 

You are able to purchase a stand alone system or can buy them as a group for a number of doors. The people who are allowed entry will need a fob, a pin or a card to access the premises. 

Intruder Alarms 

Home security alarm systems are extremely effective for deterring criminals! If someone is trying to get into your home unnoticed, setting off a loud alarm is the perfect way to scare them off. They will protect your business or home from theft, deter vandals from entering your home, provide peace of mind when you are away and will increase the chance of the police apprehending criminals. 


Security lighting is one of the best ways to keep your home and your family safe. Security lighting will take away any dark shadows from your home that could be hiding intruders. You will be able to see anyone on your property and intruders will have nowhere to hide. Security lighting can also increase the value of your home and help it stand out to a potential buyer. 

Door & Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are a must when it comes to home security. When these sensors are triggered you will be notified on your mobile or tablet. These devices can also contact authorities like the police and more to check up on you and your property.

These sensors will also be triggered if someone goes out, this could be the perfect solution for adventurous children or seniors. This will give you the peace of mind to keep the bad people out and the good people in. 

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras have become very popular in 2021 and there is a good reason why! They are a fantastic visual deterrent, they can provide valuable video footage for authorities, they can help you screen visitors who come to your home, they can add value to your home and they also help you when you have deliveries to your home when you’re not there the possibilities are endless.  

Digital Smart Locks

Digital locks are also a brand new trend coming into 2021 and will continue in 2022. They are very popular as copies of the keys cannot be made and there are only a number of access items in circulation giving you full control of who enters the property. You will never have to worry about lost keys again as you won’t have any and finally access can be changed easily, giving you full control at all times.