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Why Are Protein Supplements Suddenly So Popular?

Subtitle: Protein shakes and pre-workout drinks are placed in the entrance when you go to the gym. And more and more people use that offer and grab on

Subtitle: Protein shakes and pre-workout drinks are placed in the entrance when you go to the gym. And more and more people use that offer and grab one before/after a workout. But what caused this trend, and should you be a part of it?

The fitness trend is all over us and almost everybody you know is (probably) a member of some sort of gym. They might not use it as much as they ought to, but hey, they are members. And you may have seen ready-to-drink protein shakes at your gym, either to buy or as part of the gym membership.

If you go just a few years back, protein-rich products were not often used by non-bodybuilders. So, why has it suddenly become a normal thing for people to consume after a workout? Here, we will discuss the trend in more details.

The main reasons for the trend

The idea of supplementing the diet with extra protein and additional amino acids is not new in the bodybuilder community. However, it is quite new for “regular” people that workout just a few times a week. There are of course many factors affecting this trend, but some of them stand out:

Firstly, more people than ever go to the gym. And those who do, are also going more and more times a week. This elevates the need for protein supplements since they can help decrease soreness and fatigue by ensuring that the body has enough energy. Extra protein is sometimes necessary because both proteins and their building blocks, amino acids, are the main constituents needed for tissue synthesis and thus muscle buildup.

Secondly, many people have gotten the impression from media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, that protein supplements are invaluable to look fit and perfect. However, this is not true. Through a balanced and varied diet, you can obtain the needed protein amount and thus all the different amino acids you need for proper muscle breakdown and buildup. If you are not sure you are getting the right amounts, speak to your local physician and have him/her do a protein analysis. Recently, Eco-friendly protein powders are becoming a hit trend. The invention and popularisation of whey-protein powders and supplements turned leftover whey from waste products into a highly valuable by-product. However you can be even more environmentally conscious by opting for sustainable and eco-friendly products such as Protein Rebel.

But should you take protein supplements?

Even though you can obtain proper protein and amino acid amounts from your diet, it is not a bad idea to use protein supplements. Because, as the term “supplements” imply, it is simply an addition to your main diet components. And it is for sure not a bad idea to grab a protein shake after your workout if the alternative is a portion of unhealthy snacks when you go grocery shopping or get home afterward. Just make sure that you research the content of the shakes or ask one that knows more about it. It is truly a jungle out there.