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What should I know before buying a house?

The purchase of a home is the most important investment in the lives of most citizens,  once you have opted for a type of housing, you must give way t

The purchase of a home is the most important investment in the lives of most citizens,  once you have opted for a type of housing, you must give way to negotiation. This depends on each autonomous community, but normally buyers usually ask for a reduction that goes from 10% to 30%. This does not imply that the seller agrees.

Sign the contract arras:

e sot refers to an economic “sign” before the end of full payment of housing. In this, if the buyer cancels it will lose the signal given and if it does the seller will have to pay the buyer double what the buyer has contributed.

Signature writing:

Or you should know before buying an apartment is that this operation is reliable, both sides attest that agree with what they sign. This deed provides legal certainty by verifying that the aspects included in the document are in accordance with the law. You can also take help from any expert.

Expenses derived from the operation of sale:

S abreast that not only have to assume the costs of paying the house, but add the costs of notary that are derived from this operation. If neither party agrees on anything, the contract will be according to law (according to the autonomous community). But in the private document, it will be specified what expenses the buyer will assume and what the seller will assume. It is prohibited by law for the buyer to assume expenses that the seller should assume.

Before formalizing the purchase do not forget to check:

You may think that you already have enough with what we have told you, but before signing any document you should attend to the following aspects:

All the papers are in order:

Before you buy a flat, you must make sure through the Simple Note (it is an informative document) that the owner of the house is the same one who is selling the house.

If the home is free or not of mortgage charges:

One of the things to keep in mind when buying a house is to know this fact well. Normally the notary who accompanies the tenant and the landlord is in charge of informing the buyer of all the information he needs to know. At this point, the seller must do everything possible to cancel the mortgage and be up to date with payment or subtract the amount pending payment from the buyer at the sale price of the same.

Before buying a house make sure that the quota of the community of neighbors is up to date of payment or if on the contrary there is some outstanding debt.

Another aspect that you should review when buying a house, is to make sure that they are up to date with the electricity, water and gas bills.

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