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When it comes to buying a TV in India, you will experience that not only has the size of the TV changed but even the technologies. Hence, it may make your television buying confusing. Not any more, you don’t need to worry and think if a TV technology is worth considering or not, as this article will help you make a better buying decision. 

HD Ready TVs

HD Ready TVs come with the screen resolution of 1366 x 7768 pixels and up to the size of 32 inches. It may help access better and sharp content on your screen compared to an LCD and Plasma TV. HD Ready TV technology is what the budget class TV buying customers opt for. It is because they can view clear visuals on a bigger sized television without paying too much. 

Full HD 

Full HD TVs are sharper in resolution and provides you with the capacity to enjoy even Blu-ray movies without distortions. Full HD resolutions come with the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can get a Full HD TV in India with the device size starting from 40 inches and more. 

However, the downside of buying a bigger sized Full HD TV is that the screen resolution becomes poor with larger sizes. Hence, you should buy a Full HD TV with a screen size between 40 and 43 inches. 

Ultra HD (4K) 

Ultra HD (4K) is the newest child on the block as far as the TV technologies are concerned. Now, there is no shortage of 4K content that you access even on video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos and more. You can easily buy a TV in a larger size in 4K without worrying about image clarity and other quality concerns. 

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Smart TV

Being able to access the internet right on your large screen is the new way to browse the web for people. Yes, you can purchase an internet-enabled TV and access your favourite streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and more. 

Buying Smart TV means that you will be paying for a feature that you may not need at all. If you don’t think you will need to browse websites and apps on your TV screen, then you can save a couple of thousands on buying a standard LED TV. 

You are now aware of the latest technologies that drive the television industry these days. Here is a quick look at leading TV models across brands equipped with these discussed technologies. 

LG 32 Inch HD Ready LED Smart TV 

LG Televisions are known in India for their quality performance and offering of more features at affordable prices. Buying the LG 32 Inch HD Ready LED Smart TV will help you access HD Ready visuals along with the Smart TV functionalities. Have a look at the features of this LG TV. 

  • HD Ready 1366 x 768 pixels 32-inch screen 
  • 20 W speaker output 
  • 50 Hz refresh rate 
  • IPS Panel 
  • 1 HDMI port 
  • 1 USB port 
  • Smart TV – access web shows, videos and more on your TV screen 

You can buy this LG TV in India at around Rs.20,000. 

Sony 43 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV

Sony has a fan following of its own in India as it is preferred by classes. You can opt for the Sony 43 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV if you wish to buy a premium television. The features of this Sony TV are: 

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels 43-inch screen 
  • 10 W speaker output 
  • 50 Hz refresh rate 
  • 2 x HDMI ports 
  • 2 x USB ports 
  • Direct Netflix and YouTube button
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The price of this Sony TV in India is around Rs.42,000. 

You can also select from a huge range of Samsung TVs, MI TVs, Panasonic TVs, Micromax, Vu, Thomson, Sanyo and more with the discussed technologies. 

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