What are the Elements of News?

The word news refers to a piece of information that is newly received and not previously known to somebody else. It is about recent happenings that

The word news refers to a piece of information that is newly received and not previously known to somebody else. It is about recent happenings that may concern local, national, or even international events. The occurrences may be delivered through various channels such as TVs, radios, print media, or even online.

News has various elements ( for reference you can check some bangla news paper kolkata) that contribute to their worth.  The elements include:

  1. Impact

A story has multiple effects on people, whether positive or negative. Anyone receiving the news is keen to know the effect of such an event on their life. They also try to understand how their reaction towards the occurrences affects them. A reporter should emphasize the part of the story that creates interests to the majority of viewers, listeners, or readers in terms of consequences. 

2. Human Interest

A reporter should always try to emphasize those stories that show improvement in human life. Those stories that show how a person can climb from nothing to prominence always attract the majority of readers or viewers.

3. Prominence

The persons, places, situations, and things that are famous to the public for their social status, weather, previous publicity, or even achievement constitute prominence. A reporter must add several prominent names and places in the news to make it more relevant and attractive. The names also make the story more interesting to the readers.

4. Proximity

A reader or a viewer will be more interested in news from a place that is geographically close to them than those of a remotely distant place. It is advisable that as a reporter, you look to as many close stories as possible.

5. Conflict

People always drift towards the news highlighting on war, crime, sports, internal disputes, fights, and difference of opinion. News about conflict impact on the emotional feelings and they usually attract a lot of interest and attention. Stories that emphasize man’s struggle with nature, differences between organized society, and individuals become attractive to many. People also tend to show interest in stories showing the conflict between economic and political groups such as strikes, campaigns, and wars.

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6. Progress

Any significant change that results in the betterment of human life and humanity constitutes an integral part of the news. It could involve a breakthrough in getting a solution to a crisis, an achievement in the laboratory, legislative body, or even in industry. A reporter should strive to bring in as many such stories as possible.

7. Drama

Drama improves the value of a news story. A reporter should always find dramatic actions and a background full of pictures to make the news more attractive to the readers or viewers. 

8. Celebrity

Human beings like to be associated with famous or influential people. The stars seem unique to us, and any time a story or news revolves around such people, there is always an interest. As a reporter, you should try as much as you can to gather more reports concerning famous people. 


Various factors help to modify the importance of elements of news in real practice. A reporter should try to make the news as enjoyable as possible by looking at several aspects. You should also look at the audience that reads, listens, or even views the stories to choose what is necessary to present to them. You should also look at the space available in a newspaper or the time allocated for the story to determine whether to give it in brief or details. 

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