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What are the warning signs that your roof needs restoration?

One place in every house that usually gets overlooked after every major home restoration is the roof. This is probably because we don’t see it as muc

One place in every house that usually gets overlooked after every major home restoration is the roof. This is probably because we don’t see it as much so we don’t have an actual idea of whether or not it needs some work done.

However, properly caring for your roof and often checking its state can save you many headaches and not to mention money. The good thing is that Australian homes have many different options when it comes to roof materials, so you won’t have problems restoring or changing your roof if need be.

The question now is how to spot the signs that your room needs restoration? Check out these couple of tips to help you spot the signs.

Check the inside of the roof first.

  1. Dark stains and streaks and sagging

The clear signs that something is wrong with your roof are stains and dark and saggy areas on the inside of your roof or ceiling. Dark stains and streaks and even sagging in some areas of your roof and walls indicate that there is a leak in your roof and that it needs to be dealt with.

Leaking and moisture can make your roof rot if not repaired on time. The damage can go as far as to affect the rest of your house’s structure and even cause the roof to collapse. 

  • Cracked roof boards

Another sign that something is wrong with your roof is the light strakes that get through ti. If you notice a lot of holes and cracks in your roof that let in the light, something is very wrong with your roof. Cracked roof boards not only let the light in they are also leaky and in no time you’ll have moisture problems inside the house too.

Once you notice any of these signs, don’t wait, get your roof repaired or you’ll have even more serious problems in no time. 

Next, check the exterior of the roof.

It’s great if you don’t see any of the problems mentioned above, however, that doesn’t mean that your roof is in great shape yet. The next step is to check the exterior of the roof too.

  • Curled, damaged shingles

First and foremost is to be very careful when performing an exterior roof check. Check the shingles first. Shingles are supposed to last for approximately 20 years, however, they are exposed to the elements and this is what seriously cuts their life span.

If you notice that your shingles are curled, this is the sign enough that your roof has some serious problem. Curling of the shingles happens due to weather exposure or inappropriate ventilation in your attic. This kind of problem needs to be repaired immediately or you risk other problems such as mold. Depending on the reason why your shingles are curling, you should either change the tiles or install proper ventilation to your attic.

The wind is the main culprit for damaged and cracked shingles. If the damage isn’t large, you can change the cracked and damaged shingles. However, if the problem is on the larger scale you should consider changing your whole roof. 

Think about changing your shingled roof for a more durable copper roofing that won’t be so easily affected by the wind. If you live somewhere in the Sydney area, you’ll be glad to know that you can get this easily done. There are professionals who perform roof repairs in Sydney and they will have your metal or copper roof installed or restored with skill and in no time. 

  • Moss and algae 

Don’t be surprised if you notice moss and algae on your roof. This greenery on your roof is not all that problematic except that it affects the aesthetic appearance of your roof. If moss and algae bother you a lot you can have the roof changed completely or you can make a solution (part water, part bleach) and remove the algae yourself. 

Don’t in any case, try scraping or power washing your roof because you’ll destroy the shingles and thus make them useless. 

  • Chimney flashing problems

The base of your chimney is usually protected with a barrier called chimney flashing. This is the part of the roof that is most susceptible to water damage. Luckily, chimney flashing can be repaired easily

And if you want to make sure this doesn’t happen again any time soon, consider installing metal flashing. 

Good maintenance of the roof can make it last for quite some time. However, we often forget about the roof and that it also needs checking and maintaining. Check your roof regularly in order to avoid larger problems. Changing one or a few tiles will certainly cost less than changing or restoring the whole roof.