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Are You a Victim of a Defective Product? Learn These Legal Tips!

Product liability cases take a long time to process but could see you reimbursed with millions of dollars. Here are our top legal tips on how to get t

Product liability cases take a long time to process but could see you reimbursed with millions of dollars. Here are our top legal tips on how to get the maximum compensation due to you.

Defective products can cause damage to the consumer. When they do, the manufacturer or designer is legally responsible for the defect. Before any product opens to the public, it must meet rigorous safety standards. Defective products often do not meet these standards, leaving the public at risk. 

Victims of Defective Products Have the Legal Right to Compensation

If you suffered an accident or injury because of a defective product like a car, malfunctioning machinery, or household goods and toys, then you can begin a lawsuit. Opening a case against the people who created the product allows you to recoup your medical expenses and other damagers. However, it goes one step farther than that. It allows you to ensure that the company responsible does not do it to anyone else.

Tips for Victims of Defective Products

If a defective product harmed you, then you need legal advice. Here are our top tips for victims of defective products.

Hire a Product Liability Lawyer

A product liability lawyer can help you get compensation for your pain and suffering. Yes, you can pursue a lawsuit on your own. But no, you do not want to do that. The excess stress on top of your recovery or caring for a loved one as they recover, could send you into a worse state of health. Let a lawyer take care of your case and they can use their network of experts to get you a better deal for your money. That legal advice will prove invaluable.

Document the Journey

Take photos and videos, and journal about the incident. Document your injury and your recovery. Taking photos and videos adds weight to your case while writing a journal helps give the judge an idea of your pain and suffering. It aids in keeping track of appointments, too.

Product Liability is Determined by the State

There are no blanket rules for product liability in the USA. Instead, the state departments determine the laws for handling cases of defective products. This means multi-state and class action product lawsuits (like Roundup) have different results in each state. 

Prove Your Product is Defective and that it Harmed You

Before you can do anything else in a product liability case, you must prove that your product was defective. Next, you must prove that the defective product caused you harm. Your injuries could, in the eyes of the law, result from a different accident. Therefore, you should not destroy or throw away the product that has caused harm. Instead, keep it if it is safe to do so. If it is not safe to do so, photograph and video the product before you dispose of it. 

There is a Statute of Limitations

Every defective product case comes with a statute of limitations. Although states might change this as they see fit, this is generally a two-year period. This means you only have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim… do not wait. 

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