Vape Guide – What You Should Know

The first and foremost thing about vapes, which you probably already know, is that vapes are a new technology. Now many would argue otherwise becaus

The first and foremost thing about vapes, which you probably already know, is that vapes are a new technology. Now many would argue otherwise because it has been more than a decade now that vapes are available on the market. However, the idea here is to compare it to cigarettes – the conventional means of nicotine intake. Given the centuries old cigarettes, one can claim that vapes are a relatively new means of nicotine intake.

Now that cigarettes have come up, it must be said that any vape guide that seeks to inform you about vapes, should inform you about the entire Vapes versus Cigarettes argument, so here it is:

Vapes versus Cigarettes:

Cigarettes are known to be extremely addictive items, which is the most important reason behind their success. Regulatory bodies around the world have tried to restrict its use given its harmful nature. The measures taken by such regulatory bodies include placing heavy fines on cigarettes, banning smoking in public places and even placing horrifying pictures of diseases that cigarettes lead to. However, the addiction renders most of these measures useless and every year millions of people suffer the consequences of smoking.

Fortunately though, vapes have proved to be a very effective way of restricting cigarettes. The reasons for this are several. The fact that vapes prove cheaper in the long-run with their long lasting flavors and kits coupled with the greatly reduced hassle of carrying vapes as compared to cigarettes make up part of those reasons. But the most important reasons for the success of vapes in the face of smoking addiction that cigarettes lead to is that vapes offer flexibility in flavors and nicotine.

Most people render this flexibility as a buffer of sorts, filling in the shortcoming of cigarettes that provided only one tobacco based theme of flavors. This, hence leads to greater choice for consumers and those too bored with tobacco rush to vapes. However, upon closer inspection, you will find that this flexibility is the greatest reason for the success of vapes. How? The fact that vapes allow you to vary your nicotine content means that you can slowly and gradually bring down your nicotine intake until the point where you do not need to smoke cigarettes at all. Vaping thus offers a solution to the “addiction” that cigarettes entail and this is why they have been so successful in combating cigarettes.

Are Vapes Unharmful?

Of course the practicality of the “flexibility” that vapes allow was apparent to manufacturers before they released vape kit on the market and so, manufacturers decided to capitalize on this idea. The marketing campaigns for vapes revolved around an awareness campaign about the harmful effects of cigarettes and how numerous efforts in the past had failed to provide any “real” solution to the problem of smoking. So, vapes were the proper way to combat smoking addiction.

Of course, the success of the campaign is apparent from the sales figure that vape manufacturers so proudly talk about, but the rigor of the campaign itself posed some reservations in the minds of the potential consumers. These reservations mainly revolved around the question whether vapes really were unharmful or was it all a hoax.

Well, the answer to that question is yes, vapes are much less harmful than cigarettes. Although both the vaping and smoking revolve around nicotine intake, cigarettes contain harmful material such as tar and carcinogenic metallic compounds that are absent in vapes. This also means that the vapors produced by a vaping device are also much less harmful than cigarette vapors, which means less disease introduced by passive smoking.

Vape Liquids:

Now that you are well aware of the Vapes versus Cigarettes debate and the health concerns associated with vapes, it is time that you are made aware of the main attraction in vapes, that is, vape liquids. Several manufacturers around the world produce e liquids as a part of series that revolve around a certain flavor theme. The variety is immense and the great demand keeps manufacturers engaged in innovation.

The flavor itself is made up of four main parts:

  1. The nicotine.
  2. The flavor.
  3. Vegetable Glycerin (VG).
  4. Propylene Glycol (PG).

Variations in these four ingredients leads to such great variety in e liquids around the world. This variety can all be bought at WWVape.com.

However, a great problem with e liquids is that many vapers complain that e liquids have not been able to provide the nicotine feel that cigarettes did. When manufacturers tried to increase the nicotine strength of these e liquids, they also unintentionally enhanced the throat hit, which discouraged most of the vapers.

With time, manufacturers were able to come up with a solution though. They began producing a special types of e liquids, which they called nicotine salt e liquids. The process of producing these e liquids was considerably different and so was the PG to VG ratio, which is a great determinant of the throat hit. With these e liquids, it is easier to get an enhanced feel of nicotine and is used by people looking for great nicotine in their e liquids. Given the complex procedure to make nicotine salt e liquids, they are often out of stock, but wwvape.com makes sure that vapers get whatever they need on their website.

Vaping Kits:

There are other ways of enhancing your nicotine feel and your entire vaping experience as a result. This involves what the vaping world calls vaping kits. Vaping kits are an entire setup of all the apparatus necessary to vape. You can either go out there and buy individual parts and assemble an entire vaping kit on your own, or buy custom made kits.

When it comes to focusing on nicotine content, however, not every kit can provide the same experience. Vape pod kits are usually known as the best kits to provide you a great nicotine feel. These devices are extremely slim and small and function on pod systems to provide the e liquid. Any vape kit that you need is available on wwvape.com.