Upcoming Realme Mobile Phone in 2020 with Expected Date & Price

Realme Mobile Phones in India 2020

We have compiled a quick list of the Upcoming Realme Mobile Phones in India 2020 with expected prices, launch date specifications and other details at

Upcoming Realme MobilesExpected PriceLaunch Date In India
Realme C37,999Feb 2020
Realme A17,999Jan 2020
Realme 5i8,999Jan 2020
Realme 611,999Feb 2020
Realme 413,999Jan 2020
Realme 6 Pro14,999Jan 2020
Realme 4 Pro16,999Jan 2020
Realme X50 Lite22,999Mar 2020
Realme XT Pro22,999Jan 2020
Realme X Pro23,690Jan 2020
Realme X5035,999Jan 2020
Realme 746,709Feb 2020
Realme 6 Pro46,919Jan 2020
Realme X5148,591Jan 2020
Realme XT Pro48,905Jan 2020
Realme X Pro49,010Jan 2020
Realme 5i52,460Jan 2020

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