Larry Polhill Talks about the Position of a Typical Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer or COO of any enterprise essentially holds one of the most important, powerful and prominent positions of the organization

The Chief Operating Officer or COO of any enterprise essentially holds one of the most important, powerful and prominent positions of the organization. These professionals typically tend to be responsible for a host of important tasks and duties. They are one of the key people responsible for leading and managing the everyday activities and operations of a business.  Various prestigious and renowned industry professionals like Larry Polhill highlight how the daily administrative and operating tasks going on in an organization takes place under the supervision of its relevant COO.  In most cases, the position of the COO is only second to that of CEO or the Chairman of the company. Owing to this reason, these professionals are quite often referred to as the second in command of an enterprise.  These professionals typically tend to be the ones who are responsible for looking after the everyday business of an enterprise. They subsequently report matters of relevance to the company head directly.

Larry Polhill talks about the distinct responsibilities of a Chief Operating Officer

While the primary head of any company usually is its Chief Executive Officer or SEO, many a times they do not have much direct interactions with the company staff. Here comes the job of the Chief Operating Officer or COO. In the organizational structure of a company, their position is right after the CEO. While the CEO of an enterprise generally creates the long term plans relating to the progress and prosperity of the company, it is the COO who is responsible for actually carrying out these plans. They essentially strive to make sure that all these plans are implemented in an ideal fashion.  As per certain industry professionals like Larry Polhill, the COO of a company basically is the one who is tasked with the duty of carry forwarding the words of the CEO to the company staff. Having served as a Chief Executive Officer of the Cafe Valley, Inc. Larry is quite well acquainted with the duties and job of a CEO.  He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer, as well as the Chairman of the Board of the American Pacific Financial Corp. (APFC).

Here are some of the most important tasks and duties a typical Chief Operating Officer are tasked with:

  • Setting up distinct long terms goals and plans for making sure of the eventual development and prosperity of the enterprise.
  • Designing, planning, and implementing distinct types of business strategies and procedures
  • Illustrating the key mission and vision of a company
  • Choosing to supervise various types of activities that take place in a company. They supervise multiple departments of a company, including their production, IT, marketing and sales unit
  • Reporting any kind of important information to the CEO of the company, and also providing them with briefs about the progress of the company
  • Maintaining a positive relationship among the various important stakeholders of a company

In the opinion of Larry Polhill, the COO of a firm often tends to encourage its employees to give their best, and act as their leader.