Off to Your Babymoon? Here’s a checklist you must follow!

Baby-moon Travel relates to a brief vacation taken by would be parents, to relax all by themselves before their baby is born. A recent survey by a lea

Baby-moon Travel relates to a brief vacation taken by would be parents, to relax all by themselves before their baby is born. A recent survey by a leading travel agency in India revealed that of the 1000 respondents, a good majority (up to 82%) preferred to take such a trip in the second trimester while 65% ladies opted for an exotic holiday, preferably abroad. While beach destinations backed with perks of great cuisines continue to remain the most preferred baby-moon hub-spot, many also looked for availability of medical assistance in the vicinity as well as safety with little hassles of travelling around. Baby mooning is not as easy as a honeymoon because of pregnancy symptoms, reduced mobility and any other complications that could arise out of pregnancy. A few precautions to be taken while planning a baby moon trip could help. Trekking should be avoided; the location must be close to a good hospital and with some reference from one’s current gynaecologist. While it is advisable to take refuge of travel insurance policies covering these needs, one must take note of the following facets to ensure enjoying a great baby-moon trip!

Ideal Destinations for Baby-Moon Trips

Baby-moon trips are expected to be a relaxing, romantic holiday. So, the destinations should be peaceful with least risks to a pregnant lady. Moreover, if you are backed with a travel insurance coverage, you can easily head out to a place worth being in your most special days. Some popular destinations in India include Pondichery with its long beaches and neat surroundings. Another destination is Udaipur, the town of royalty. While Shimla, Srinagar and Mahabaleshwar near Pune, offer a hill station and pollution free environment. Port Blair, the capital of Andaman Nicobar islands and Goa along with Pondichery offer a beach getaway; the Kumarakom retreat in Kerala offers a very relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Baby-Moon Trip

Take spas and manicure in a leisurely manner. Minimize travel, and wear comfortable clothes at every hour of the day. Lastly, eat well and stay happy!

Alcohol is a strict NO! Also, save that entire thrill for adventure sporting for the next time, okay?

Key Points to Remember about Travel Insurance on Baby-Moon Trips

  • Most Insurance companies do not offer travel insurance for pregnant women beyond 36 weeks though 32 weeks is considered the most ideal. While most insurers cover medical expenses while on tour, there are specific exclusions, based on the medical condition of the lady, as indicated by a Doctor’s medical certificate. Medical complications from premature deliveries are not covered in travel insurance plans, while on the other hand child birth itself is excluded as there are other policies to cover such events.

  • Most airlines have prescribed rules for allowing pregnant ladies to travel. As a rule, no pregnant lady is allowed to travel by air within the last four weeks of her expected delivery. In case a lady actually delivers during her holiday at the destination, the childbirth is not covered as it is taken as a normal delivery. Pregnant women, especially in their later months of pregnancy, are considered a risk for travel insurance and insurers protect themselves with adequate documentation from approved medical practitioners. The positive factor is that pregnancy is not considered as a pre-existing condition and need not be declared unless in the later weeks, closer to the expected delivery.

Travel insurance brings in a breath of relief, especially when you are in a distant land, caught up in between contingencies. So, before you make a checklist on the to-do lists to keep your baby safe, ensure checking a travel insurance plan without fail!