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Top 3 Types of Doors You Should Consider For Your Home

Are you searching for an elegant door that can enhance the beauty of your home? You might think that every door is created equal, but that's not true!

Are you searching for an elegant door that can enhance the beauty of your home?

You might think that every door is created equal, but that’s not true! First, you need to understand the different materials: Do you want a steel door? A wood door? A fiberglass door? Or an aluminum door? Then there are durability and style.

While entry doors must be durable and weather-resistant, inside doors also play an important role in the overall safety of the house. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be eye-catchy.

An entranceway is a key location to splurge on stunning features, like the wooden front door or with the rooftop to keep the sun or rain off visitors when they visit. Also, sophisticated and polished doors enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Depending upon the material and features, here are the top three doors you can consider for your home exteriors as well as interiors to achieve the look you crave for:

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are one of the top choices among homeowners. The stylish appeal and versatility are their powerful features. A good quality wood door is a premium choice for your home exterior and interior with an aesthetically pleasing look and character on its own.

Most of the antique doors are made of wood. A wooden door can also be customized depending upon the design you want, such as, ledged doors, paneled doors, flush doors to name a few.

When shopping for prefinished wooden doors, look for clear finishes and durable stains like polyurethane. Most of the high-quality doors are stained instead of painted, as wooden stains allow them to show their natural grain. Make sure to look at the moldings and carvings while shopping, the thicker and wider the rails and stiles, the longer it would last. For instance, if you have just finished with your kitchen renovation, you can look for custom cabinet doors to match the theme of your kitchen interiors. 

Metal Doors

 Metal door come in a wide variety of designs and materials such as steel doors, and aluminum doors. They are a sturdy option for both indoors and outdoors. These doors can be either hollow or solid.

Steel doors considered explicitly as a good substitute for wood as it is extensively used for making frames. Steel frames are widely used in houses and other locations as they are more cost-effective than the traditional wooden frames. Shutters can also be built from steel sheets, welded to a frame of channel section, correctly braced.

They are not only long-lasting, but can also withstand earthquake and storm.  They require minimum maintenance and are available in gorgeous shades with several wood grain textures. They are ideal where security is a concern. 

On the other side, aluminum doors also have great uses because of being lightweight. They can be used as sliding doors and suitable for outdoors as well as indoors. They are quite economical and available in a wide range of attractive styles. Aluminum frames have distinct benefits of resisting various environmental conditions.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are durable and non-flammable, but at the same time, lightweight too. Glass fibers combined with resin can be used to design a range of products, including doors, bathtubs, and windows, etc. Fiberglass is considered as one of the sturdiest materials with reasonably low maintenance costs, unlike steel and wood. 

Fiberglass doors are stable as they don’t bow, warp, or twist. They are filled with foam and provide good insulation properties. Doors made from fiberglass can be built with wooden panels to enhance the aesthetics. They are ideal for both exterior and interior locations. The entry doors have designer options like door stiles and beveled glass. 


The doors serve a vital function in terms of safety. They are the face of your house; therefore, they need to be chosen wisely. Of course, its stylish appearance will keep you in a good mood. Information in this guide will help you to pick the right door for your house.