Know Which Type Of Lehenga Suits You The Best

Every woman has an ideal dream about wearing that one ultimate outfit that makes everyone’s jaw drop to the ground. The endless scrolling on Pinterest

Every woman has an ideal dream about wearing that one ultimate outfit that makes everyone’s jaw drop to the ground. The endless scrolling on Pinterest and saving hundreds of pins with their dream outfits on them is something all the woman share in common. But when it comes to Indian woman, all of them have that one element of clothing in their minds and are determined to find “the one”, and that is a lehenga suitsRemember how Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S weeps as she finds her dream wedding dress? That’s us with our lehengas. But it’s not just restricted to weddings, any traditional Indian event is just another chance for the women to flaunt themselves in their gorgeous lehengas.

A lehenga is another versatile piece of clothing that comes in several different designs and can be worn and styled in unique ways. And to know the perfect way for you to wear one will always come in handy. Know what makes you look like an absolute angel and the compliments just won’t stop coming. Let’s take a look at the different types of lehengas that might suit you the best.

  1. A-Line Lehenga

This is the most ragingly popular type of lehenga and as the name suggests, it shows off an A-shaped cut i.e. fitter on the waist and flares as it goes down. This type is ideal for women with hourglass or pear-shaped bodies. Pair this with a cropped blouse and chandbali earrings and you will stand out at any event you step into.

  1. Flared Lehenga

The most traditional type of lehenga and a favourite for all, it gives a beautiful circular hem at the bottom as you twirl around it. Perfect for apple, hourglass or pear-shaped figures, it can be paired with a minimally embroidered blouse and a set of embellished earrings making you feel like a princess.

  1. Mermaid Lehenga

This is a contemporary twist to the traditional design and as the name suggests, this lehenga will give you the look of a mermaid with its tightly-fitted design from the waist till the knee and then flared down to the bottom. This type is suited best for women with an athletic body or an hourglass body.

  1. Kalidar Lehenga

This lehenga design shows off multiple panels or pleats on the skirt. It enhances your curves and gives you a classy look. It is best suited for petite body types, as well as the ones with an hourglass or athletic body. A georgette lehenga might suit the best for this design.

  1. Straight-Cut Lehenga

This lehenga design is simple yet elegant with its straight body-hugging style. It is not flared as much and will tightly fit onto your body showing off your curves just the right way. Pair this up with an embellished blouse and dupatta to complement the lehenga.

  1. Half Saree Lehenga

A great twist to the idea of wearing lehengas, it combines the concept of a saree and lehenga and fuses it together to give you a flamboyant look without fussing about how to wear a saree! You can get a pre-stitched half saree lehenga or pair a blouse and dupatta along with an A-line lehenga to give the ideal look that you’ve always wanted.

  1. Jacket Lehenga

Another versatile pick for wearing a lehenga is to wear it with a jacket. You can make a great fashion statement as you step out donning an embroidered long skirt and an embellished jacket paired with a gorgeous jewellery set. This has been a great hit amongst everyone and is a recent favourite for sure.

  1. Sharara Lehenga

This lehenga design is a great pick if you want to go for a comfortable yet eye-catching look. Shararas have a stitched hem in between, although the flared design makes it seem like a skirt. It is perfect for all kinds of body types and can be paired with long kurtis or cropped blouses and you’ll surely make a statement.

Wearing a gorgeous and elegant lehenga is definitely on the bucket list for all the women out there. And this list might be a good takeaway on what your ideal lehenga would look like. And we know you’re going to flaunt one real soon and make a jaw-dropping entry even if it’s not your wedding!

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