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Trending Quartz Kitchen Countertop Varieties

Quartz kitchen countertops are enjoying increased popularity with both homeowners and kitchen design experts. After all, this engineered stone provide

Quartz kitchen countertops are enjoying increased popularity with both homeowners and kitchen design experts. After all, this engineered stone provides all the benefits of pricey natural stone countertops at affordable rates. This non-porous material provides matchless safety against stains, corrosion and wear and tear.

 As these are available in a wide assortment of colour, design and pattern options, you wouldn’t have a hard time making an ideal choice for your home. You can also go through our guide below to find out the most popular quartz kitchen countertop varieties that have the increasing demand in the market.


Cambria quartz is a high-end quartz brand from the USA, which is usually available at only selected stores and distributors. If you decide to make this variety of quartz countertop a part of your kitchen, you would be spoilt for choice. It has more than 100 different design types and colours available, which you can pick as per your kitchen requirements. All the Cambria quartz countertops have colours, patterns and attention to detail that is second to none. Additionally, the huge size of these quartz countertop slabs makes them an ideal choice for large spaces. You can install these worktops if you are looking for a Carrara marble worktop imitation that is affordable.


Caesarstone is the premier variety of the engineered stone – quartz. Caesarstone quartz kitchen countertops come in a wide range of colours and prefabricated designs. Right from the traditional looks to bold contemporary appeal, you can get these countertops in colours and types that match your taste and preferences. Also, such a wide variety of options available makes Caesarstone quartz countertops the best fit for almost any kitchen design.


The Compac variety of quartz, manufactured in Portugal and Spain, comes in a wide range of pleasant and earthy hues. You get more than 50 colours to choose from, which is quite interesting. Regardless of the size or type of your kitchen, you can get Compac quartz countertop dimensions to match your requirements. You can also choose colours and hues that are more or less similar to Carrara marble worktop. In other words, you can bring a luxurious feel into your kitchen by installing high-quality yet affordable quartz worktops.


Silestone quartz countertops have become as popular and perfect options for the kitchens as other traditional materials like granite or marble. The reasons behind are multiple qualities and advantageous features of this particular variety of quartz countertops. The number one reason is the durability of this material, which makes it a superb choice for the areas where daily use is high. Coming to the colour options, you get over 60 colour choices if you select Silestone quartz countertop for your kitchen. There are also plenty of finishes that you can choose from for your Silestone kitchen countertop.


If you want to install a sturdy and appealing quartz countertop in your kitchen, then you must go for the Okite variety. It is an absolute fit for luxury kitchens that you can only source from high-end worktop dealers. Available in over 40 vibrant colours, you can conveniently pick those that perfectly suit your taste and preference. These countertops in white colour look as glamorous and gorgeous as Carrara quartz.


If you wish to go one step ahead of using natural stone countertops in your kitchen, then you can try out Quartzforms quartz kitchen countertops. These bespoke countertops are created using cutting-edge technologies and processes. Homeowners, commercial property owners, architects, builders and kitchen design experts trust this quartz variety because of its unmatched aesthetics, performance, versatility and hygienic quality. Quartzforms quartz kitchen countertops showcase a beautiful blend of Italian design and German engineering. You can check out the newest series of Quartzforms kitchen countertops inspired by the look and feel of the natural marble countertops.  


The most luxurious Italian quartz quality is the Carrara quartz that flaunts beautiful white and grey shades. It finds good use in both residential and commercial properties in the form of kitchen countertops, mosaics, floor tiles, etc. As it is inspired by the look and feel of an authentic marble countertop, you can expect the same luxurious effect in your kitchen but at a reasonable price. 


This one would be an ideal pick if you are looking for a user-friendly alternative to natural quartz countertop. Containing pure quartz crystals and pigments, Technistone quartz comes in a wide variety of attractive looks. You can go for neutral colours like grey to more vibrant and eye-catching colours. You can also get the colours customized to match your taste and the requirement of your specific kitchen decor.

Quartz comes in different varieties, which gives you the freedom to pick types that best suit your taste and purpose. Just look out for the best possible option.