Top Five Yoga Asanas for a Healthy Heart

In the multifaceted world, where multitasking is the key, practicing yoga and pranayama is a far-fetched goal. Even though we find ourselves constantl

In the multifaceted world, where multitasking is the key, practicing yoga and pranayama is a far-fetched goal. Even though we find ourselves constantly struggling to run errands and maintain a balance between work and personal life, we fail to understand the pressure and risks we put our body and mind through. Our heart suffers from the constant challenges, the overweight, and stress we put it through.

Many people are opting for yoga for heartcare because it not just keeps the body fit, it also encourages us to give up on unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohols, indulging in drugs, etc. Practicing yoga for heart blockage has many benefits. Please find below some of the asanas to practice in order to save the heart.

Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose

A favored pose, this asana is known for its many benefits. The upward stretching motion of this pose works very well when it comes to practicing yoga for heart blockages. The upwards-stretching motion of the back while lying in a prone position, stretches the muscles of the chest and opens it up. By providing support and suppleness to the muscles in the chest region, the pose gives a sense of relaxation to the practitioner. This is a perfect example and is usually taken up in the yoga for heart care series because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Setu Bandhasana or the Bridge Pose

Bridge pose can be the opposite of the aforementioned pose, in terms of action, but offers similar benefits. Apart from relaxing the back muscles, it opens up the heart chakra. As the practitioner lifts the back in the pose, this pose of yoga for heart blockage speeds up the flow of blood to the heart and to the brain, which calms the mind. The attention to the chest, charges up the heart chakra and removes any impurities in the energetic wheel as well.

Veerbhadrasana or the Warrior Pose

A total body toner, Warrior Pose series offers more than just one feat. Yoga for heart care comes into practice as it reduces the excess body, and it involves muscles of both the upper and the lower body. The spine is stretched and a sense of awareness sets in with a regular practice of this pose. It improves blood circulation, removes stress, increases stamina, and works therapeutically in controlling blood pressure.

Utkatasana or the Chair Pose

Yet another heart chakra opening pose, Utkatsana is usually taken up every time in yoga for heart blockages series. The respiration rate increases as the practitioner hold this pose. It strengthens the body by proving strength to the lower body, stretching the spine, and makes the heart race, thereby ultimately balancing the heart rate. Also, the extending movement of the arms enables the heart muscles to stretch, creating a perfect pose in yoga for heart care series.

Srishasana or the Head Stand

An advanced pose, we all have heard laurels of the infamous pose, headstand. The inverted position of the body makes this an A-list pose of yoga for heart blockages. The inverted position enables the body to increase the flow of blood to the brain, thereby relaxing the mind. Also, as the heart rests below the waist, it is able to overcome a gravitational pull, even though it is for a short span of time, the pressure from the heart is lifted. This increases the life and the health of the heart.

All of these poses in cohesion with other poses, breath work, and meditation makes yoga for heart blockages a sure and successful way. By practicing the aforementioned pose and following a healthy lifestyle, one can hope to overcome heart-related diseases.

Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler in India. He is currently working with rishikulyogshsla.org. The Yoga Alliance affiliated school organizes a number of Yoga events such as Yoga teacher training India, Yoga workshops, Retreats, Pranayama training, etc.