10 Different Ways Yoga Helps Children and Teens

Yoga is not only beneficial for adults but also for kids, that is for sure. This activity that is connected to mindfulness is one of the different way

Yoga is not only beneficial for adults but also for kids, that is for sure. This activity that is connected to mindfulness is one of the different ways on how you can connect with your inner self. The healing power of yoga is being enjoyed not only by adults but also by children and teens. In fact, it has been shown by data that there are almost 400,000 kids who practice this body and mind activity in the United States. 

If you are a parent, one of the things you want to ensure is that your kids are safe, entertained, and happy at home. One of the best ways to be able to make their day more fun is to introduce an activity that they will certainly enjoy. If you are looking for a new activity that you can introduce to your children, you can consider yoga. Aside from it is fun, there are a lot of benefits that they will be able to get from it.

Here are the 10 different ways on how yoga can help children and teens:

Improves Optimism

This is the perfect time for you to focus on improving your child’s mental state. One of the best ways on how you can do this is through yoga. Different studies have suggested that this activity is indeed very successful in building a sense of optimism among children and teens. Your kids are certainly looking forward to a future. Instead of making it appear like it is scary out there, help them to become hopeful. This way, you will be able to raise children who are happy and positive thinkers. 

Encourages Creativity

Yoga is not just an activity that targets the body. For sure, it can help in developing physical flexibility. However, you have to know that one of the benefits kids will be able to get from this specific mindfulness activity is enhances creativity. When the mind is peaceful, it functions better. While they are doing those poses and giving themselves that peace of mind, you are also teaching them to maximize their brains. Yoga can help encourage the brain to be creative. 

Helps to Improve Their Attention Span

Zenfulspirit.com presented that one of the problems of most parents these days is the attention span of their children. Due to the changes brought by technology, almost everything is already available in an instant. This is also the reason why most children have very short attention span. With yoga, you will be able to teach your kids the value of concentration and focus. From there, you are also extending their attention span. This is very important especially for children who are having a hard time learning. Focus and attention must be strengthened. 

Develop Discipline & Self-regulation

One of the promises of yoga is to provide discipline. Just think of it this way; your children are supposed to be part of this mindfulness program. The specific program allows them to navigate different activities that require discipling. Yoga cannot be practiced well if there is no self-regulation. This is an enjoyable activity, and it is not hard to let children show some discipline in doing it. As they progress into the next activities, you will realize how discipline and self-regulation are being taught to them in the process. 

Encourages Connection Between Body and Mind

One of the most important things that children should be able to learn at a young age is the connection between the body and mind. With yoga, there are some activities that target this goal. The simple breathing exercise that comes with it will help children reconnect to their core. As they listen to their breathing, the mind becomes connected to the bodily system. This is something that will not just enhance mindfulness but will also be a great help in relaxation. 

Builds Strength

If the goal is to strengthen the kid physically, yoga is a good choice since it is also considered as a physical activity. Children will also engage in activities that will encourage bodily movement. To support this claim, there is a specific study that has shown the improvement in terms of physical strength among children who practiced yoga for 12 weeks. 

Reduces Impulsivity

Being impulsive may be common among children and teenagers. However, this kind of behavior can be self-detrimental. It can have negative effects to the child’s future. One of the things that parents must be teaching their children is how to handle impulsivity. This way, you can be sure that your kid will be able to make good decisions in the future. Yoga teaches focus and it helps the mind relax. With this, it can also be helpful in eliminating the impulsive behavior. Children will learn how to make decisions that will not hurt them. 

Helps to Manage their Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are not only being experienced by adults. There are also some factors that can cause this among children. One of the most common is the responsibility they are given in their academic life. If your child is experiencing anxiety, the best way for you to help them is to give them an avenue where they can learn to manage it. With the different activities involved in yoga, they will be able to learn to calm themselves. 

Increases Energy Level

Just like other physical activities, yoga can boost the energy of the child. You can let them do this during the early part of the day especially if your kid looks a bit hesitant to start the day. You will notice later on how their energy level changes. 

Improves Breathing

A breathing technique is introduced as part of yoga practice. This is something that will not just improve your breathing generally but can also make you feel more relaxed. This is something that is not only beneficial to you as an adult but also for children and teens. 

Children also deserve improvement in their body and mental health. Yoga is certainly a fun activity for them.