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Top Facts about Botox Injections

Botox injections can be a very scary procedure for those who do not know much about what they are entering into. The unknown can be a very scary thing

Botox injections can be a very scary procedure for those who do not know much about what they are entering into. The unknown can be a very scary thing, especially in regard to any kind of surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. Botox can be especially daunting as not many people know about the positive aspects of the toxin and the benefits it can have for those who chose to have it done – for some, botox is simply a way to make their lives easier, as the botox toxin (botulinum) can ease certain ailments, such as cervical dystonia (chronic neck pain). Botox is widely used for the eradication of unwanted wrinkles within the face and that is nothing to be ashamed of either.

You should never judge another based upon their wants or needs for life, nor for making any decisions about their own bodies. Whether for medical or confidence reasons, botox injections are completely normal and accepted. However, not much is known about them and the ramifications and benefits.

There are actually several very interesting facts and titbits of information about botox injections that are very little well known by the wider public or by those who are not interested in botox injections or the procedure itself. For those who are considering the operation, these facts and information are vital if you wish to be properly prepared for the oncoming appointment and procedure – when considering a botox treatment or injection, it is always best and highly recommended to research absolutely everything you can, to make sure you really wish to go through with the procedure as well as to ensure that you are suitable and that there will be no surprises.

A lot of people do not actually know what botox does, nor what botox is comprised of or how it works. This is simply unacceptable for those who wish to undergo the procedure – it is absolutely vital to know everything and anything about what you are about to enter into. Botox, as already mentioned, is a strain of toxin or bacterium called botulinum that is actually found in food poisoning. While this may sound off putting, the way it works is actually quite simple.

The toxin works within the body to block the signals from the nerves to the muscles – this means that the injected muscle can no longer contract or shift, thus smoothing out any wrinkles present as the skin relaxes and softens. This gives the skin a much younger look. Botox is most often used to soften what is known as crows feet around the eyes and frown lies as well (also found around the eyes, caused by smiling or frowning and inevitable as you age). An interesting fact to know is that gravity and sun damage can also cause wrinkles, but these wrinkles cannot be fixed by botox. Another good thing to note is that botox injection will only take a few seconds to complete and that no local anaesthetic will be required.