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Iot is surely not a common word in the vocabulary of the basic people, however, is building up various buzz IT world nowadays. Different IT companies

Iot is surely not a common word in the vocabulary of the basic people, however, is building up various buzz IT world nowadays. Different IT companies and organizations around the world are taking a lot of interest in adopting this new technology.

You may get amazed by knowing that this technology has just boomed and many enterprises have got so much attracted to it that they have started to fabricate inner specialty units to decrease the remaining burdens and to make a domain that is astutely associated.

In these smart environments, the organizations are mapping the connected devices and analyzing them to make the sensible use of data. With the evolution Iot the business organizations are becoming more and more dependent on it, so it becomes essential for us to know in depth about Iot and the platforms on which it is getting developed.

What is an Internet of thing platform?

Before getting to know about different platforms of Iot, let us try to understand what is IoT platform.   iot application development platform is nothing but is a cloud platform that securely connects

    Azure IoT Suite

devices and applications through the cloud platform. Most interesting fact is that internet of things app development personnel gets support from the platform with resources needed to develop an app. 

Azure IoT Suite

It is a known fact that to develop an iot app, a platform is a first and foremost requirement. In this article, a list of five platforms is brought to you which you can use in your app development.

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The IoT has introduced the iot developers in India with the massive potential results and learning opportunities. The Azure Iot suite is the set of could computing services that have made the work of developer quick and easy, now they can jump into the project quickly.

Now data analysis and prediction have become much easier, finding correlations and making business plans according to it can help to develop an agile work environment. 

Microsoft invented Azure Iot Suite for the automation of many aspects of business and to innovate new opportunities for product improvement and customer satisfaction.

Key features:

1.    Fast-tracked start-up

Azure Iot suite is loaded with many solutions that will help in the faster delivery of your project.

2.    Forecasting using a predictive model

It can even forecast using advanced analytics and machine learning to get new insights into your core data.

3.    Connect adaptably

It can associate an extensive variety of gadgets from old to new and basic working frameworks.

4.    Integrate with the old

It can integrate smoothly into your existing system and helps in automation of all your data and process.

iot companies in India and iot development company in the USA are effectively actualizing Azure Iot suite.

    Amazon web service (AWS)

Amazon web service

This is a disseminated processing Platform created by Amazon. It gives a total bundle of platform, administration, and programming as PaaS, IaaS and SaaS. AWS was launched initially to handle Amazons internal retail operations later it was pay-as-you cloud computing model was introduced by the company for all. As a client, you can influence the utilization of AWS stockpiling, to compute and throughput administrations.

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This is a champion among the most observed Iot stages and many top iot companies in Chennai are adequately using it as it is insignificant exertion and exceedingly strong cloud computing platform. You can pick this stage as a possibility for you Iot advancement as it is a practical, versatile and adaptable platform.

Key features:

1.    Variety of services

Aws offers many services which are standalone but as a developer, you can definitely use your skills to combine them to meet certain needs of your application.

2.    Variation in the utilization of administrations

You can utilize AWS administrations by means of API or you can utilize benefits through its software advancement unit, how you utilize the administration it barely matters yet the thing that you should remember is each administration has its own usefulness.

3.    Pay-as-you-use model

AWS offers an incredible low-cost platform to develop your application that no one else has in offer.

    IBM Watson

It is a supercomputer that has sophisticated analytical capabilities with artificial intelligence to deliver the needs of the IoT app development company. It helps the developer with securely connected devices. It also helps the developer community with information management, risk management, and data analysis.

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You can think of IBM Watson if you are looking forward to the integrity of your data in the IoT platform. In layman word, we can define it as a machine that can reply to your questions.

Key features: 

1.    Analysis made easy

IBM Watson analyses your data with automation, the automation does all the hard work in a simplified manner and you can spend less time to work on it.

2.    Data discovery

It gives you a deep insight into the data that helps you to understand and analyze it.

3.    Text to speech and speech to text

This is also known as voice recognition. This feature easily converts voice to text and text to voice. iot service providers in India are taking advantage of this service.

    Oracle Iot

Oracle Iot

This holds a key place in the IoT Platform. Oracle has exaggerated its Platform so no other platform to can stands up to. It has shown how you in your business can effectively use tools and assets to satisfy the customer. The companies who have used Oracle IoT are said to have deployed it three times faster in its workflow.

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It is a PaaS based cloud computing that helps in making the critical business decision faster. It permits to associate the gadgets to the cloud and examine the information on real-time and helps in integration.

Key features:

1.    Connect

To connect the virtual devices together using industrial protocols like RESTfull and MQTT. That ensures you with secure and bidirectional communication of devices.

2.    Analyse

Here the multivariate analysis of data is done using Spark SQL.

3.    Integrate

It uses API based integration to connect with Oracle based and non-oracle based apps and other IoT devices.


Kaa IoT

Kaa is a business undertaking grade IoT platform for device administration, insights gathering, analytics and visualization, software program updates and the sky is the limit from there. Kaa was produced for iot application advancement for organizations and personnel, who have enthusiasm for IoT to make brilliant applications. It is a pocket-friendly platform that will help you to create smart products and connected apps.

Source: kaaproject.org/

The toolkit available with this application can be customized according to the business needs.

Key features: 

Some of the key features of Kaa that helps on mobile iot app solutions are:

1.    It connects with devices through cloud thus collects and visualize telemetry.

2.    You can create PoC of your application within an hour.

3.    You can create single and multi-cloud IoT products like a pro.


The field of technology is innovating every day, which is why different companies across the world are forced to adopt different transformations. The platforms that I have discussed above are doing great and has got adopted by top iot companies 2018.

While choosing the platform you should have a clear idea of your business needs and budget.   

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