Angry bird cake design

Your little munchkin, the apple of your eye, is turning another year older, and they are your universe. On their special day, you want to see that extra glitter in their warm little eyes and make their dreams come true. Their world revolves around Dora, Mickey Mouse, Tweety, Goffy, or Angry BirdsMake their birthday extra special with yummiest Angry Bird Cake design. Be it Terence, Stella, Hatchlings, The Blues, the Mighty Eagle, or Hippie Matilda. Surprise them with delicious flavoured cakes of their favourite character by a made to Order Angry Bird Cake, whatever the fantasy character or object that is the little one’s imagination for a birthday cake, consider it done.

Below are the Top 5 Angry Birds Cake recommendation baked to perfection on flavour and texture and suggested Angry Birds designs and online cake delivery in Noida to make your kids happy.

Chocolate Glazed Cake – Chocolate – Kids go drooling hearing the name chocolate and chocolate cake is a heavenly treat for anyone not just kids or teens. One of the topmost flavours and the most loved cake by all kids, the Chocolate Glazed Cake filled with crunchy bites of Choco chips at every single bite is a delicacy to eat. Topped with Hippie of the flock Matilda, or an Angry Bird of your choice figurine and treat to any little child to make their birthday super special.

Three Layered Butterscotch Flavoured – Butterscotch, one of the top 5 flavours, after chocolates. Scrumptious three-layered fondant butterscotch cake baked in the best ingredients. Each layer blended in most colourful shades of Blue, Yellow or Red with different sizes layered on top of each other. Each layer is nearly decorated with The Red, The Chuck, and the Terence. This is a perfect three-layered cake of different sizes. A treat to a child to celebrate the birthday with Perfect Angry Birds Cake

Red Velvet Heart Shaped Cake – Heart has been a symbol of love. Heart-shaped cakes are a real heart-winning cake. Blend of mildly flavoured cocoa with a shade of red food colour baked to perfection with or without eggs makes a delicious Red Velvet Cake. This cake makes a perfect Birthday cake in the shape of a heart to show how much you love your little one. Decorated with pretty Hatchlings, the future of the Bird Island makes any child go gaga. 

Blueberry / Strawberry Cake –   Berries are colourful and tangy, Sweet flavour and pulpy fruit blended and baked to a perfectly textured cake and flawlessly decorated with The Blues – fun-loving, mischievous birds. Blue is the colour for boys and pink for girls, so blueberry flavour for boys and strawberry for girls are rightly customized to celebrate the most special day with The Red, the cheeriest and angriest bird topped on the cake. Or choose your own Angry Bird and customize to your needs

Lemon Drizzle Cake – All time classic flavoured cake, with the subtle flavour of lemon and lightly coloured sunshine yellow is another go-to cake for birthday cakes. The flavour and colour so beautifully decorated with fondant and deftly crafted with a choice of Angry Bird cake design make it yet another perfect birthday cake for your kids on their special day.

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