The CoronaVirus pandemic has really left all of the travelers speechless, and in a state of shock, those that find comfort in roaming around differen

The CoronaVirus pandemic has really left all of the travelers speechless, and in a state of shock, those that find comfort in roaming around different parts of the world being cooped up in a single place for months now is never a good sign. Which is why today we thought of talking about something completely different, something that will make all the travelers jump with joy from their seats. Well, not all but the one that reside in Europe this one is definitely for you. 

We have picked together a few destinations for all the travelers in Europe to visit even during the CoronaVirus pandemic. Now, these places aren’t completely virus free so better pack up the essentials while you’re planning your trip. So, without further ado here are some places where you can visit even during this pandemic, and get out of the house to stretch your legs. 

Tbilisi Georgia 

For those that love a place located in the outskirts of an island, a place that has the friendliest people, and a place that offers the best travelling time one could ask for Tbilisi is the perfect place for them, if you are looking forward to travelling after the virus is over then you wait comes to an end at July 1st. Tbilisi Georgia would be opening its gate for all travelers, and with it being the city that has 260 times less corona cases then the usual. This can be your perfect first stop on destinations to travel in Europe. 

Corfu Greece

Greece as we all know is one of the best countries in the Europe for traveling but since the pandemic even Greece travelling was put on a hold, but not anymore. The city Corfu in Greece has started to take in travelers once again, over there you can enjoy some mesmerizing beaches, can take in the beauty of Greece rather than pondering over the walls at your home. Greece has 50 times less corona cases than any country in the Europe, and with its outstanding medical services this can be the second place you can add to your travelling list. 

Cavtat Croatia  

Cavtat offers a friendly environment for all travelers, it’s the destination you certainly want to visit. With it being the center of attraction in Croatia because of being a hotspot where famous movie stars visit, and beautiful place where couples can relax and spend some quality time together. Cavtat can be the perfect place to add on your list, plus since it’s a place that consists of the highest number of beds in Europe. You can rest assure that if worse comes to happen you’d be well taken care off. 

Madera Island Portugal 

If there was a heaven in Europe then Madera Island will definitely be that place, with its green rich soil covered with beautiful lakes across the island. This is by far one of the most peaceful place you can visit to just completely reset your mind, and take a fresh breath of peace. Madera Island located in Portugal has no death toll from the deadly virus, and has the most breathtaking scenery for all travelers that love to take pictures of their voyages. 

The Azores Portugal 

The Azores similar to Madera Island is also one of the biggest travel attraction in Portugal, and if you think that Madera Island is heaven in Europe then wait till you take a dive from the Island peaks of Azores. Crystal clear water that has fauna living under it, and a beautifully serene place that truly lets you connect to nature is the specialty of this island. So, if you’re looking for a well-deserved break from all this technology, and want to just relax with nature. This place is exactly where you want to be right now.