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Top 10 Cyber Security Certification Courses In 2022

Overview The term Cyber Security Certification Courses can be simply defined as the utilization of technology to protect computers, networks, and dat


The term Cyber Security Certification Courses can be simply defined as the utilization of technology to protect computers, networks, and data from malware attacks and efforts to gain unauthorized accesses. Lack of security related to digital divide is one of the main problems faced by today’s cyber world. One can see that malware attack can lead network of computers towards serious issues. As the cyberspace is developing into new horizons, the threat upon computers and internet is also increasing, so does the demand for the cyber security experts.  It is important to train more cybersecurity experts to ensure the security within the cyberspace.  There are modern courses to help the students who wish to become a cyber expert. Some of the most modern courses are pointed out and discussed below.

List of Top 10 Cyber Security Certification Courses in 2020

  • CISSP- [Certified information system security professional]
  • CISA-[ Certified information system auditor]
  • CCSP-[Certified cloud security professional]
  • CISM-[Certified information security manager]
  • CEH-[Certified ethical hacker]
  • CRISC-[certified in risk and information system control]
  • ECSA-[EC-council certified security analyst]
  • GPEN-[GIAC penetration tester]
  • CHFI-[Computer hacking forensic investigator]
  • GSEC-[GIAC Security essentials certification]

#1. CISSP- (Certified information system security professional)

It is a certified course accredited by ANSI (American national standards institute). This course is approved by U.S department of defense. This certified course mainly concentrates on security including mobile security, cloud computing, risk management etc. This course is generally apt for the people who wish to become security system engineer, IT manager, network architect etc. by concentrating on security system they can provide valuable information to the organization they belong.

#2. CISA-(Certified information system auditor)

CISA course is generally suggested for IT auditors, audit managers, security managers etc. CISA have different specialization which includes management of IT, auditing information system, IT operations and its maintenance etc. Becoming an auditor in the field of security is a great job.

#3. CCSP-(Certified cloud security professional)

The course is self explained in the name itself. This course is certified by ISC and it is also collaboration with cloud security alliance. By saving photos on cloud, files on Microsoft or goggle need backups. These backups are done by CCSP engineer on cloud and help to protect cloud architecture.

#4. CISM-(Certified information security manager)

CISM is one of the main unavoidable courses in the field of cyber security. It is with global standardization and considered as one of the respectable professions. This course is accredited by ISACA. This course concentrates on security practices and management of design. This course is available in many locations, worldwide.

#5. CEH-(Certified ethical hacker)

The job is already indicated in the name itself. Hackers are highly endowed people and this is the defense section. This course helps to spot the vulnerabilities and help to provide security on time. This job calls for immense talent.

#6. CRISC-(certified in risk and information system control)

A person who studied CRISC course and working in an IT field is responsible for the risk factors and advises the company on investments. They can find a solution and suggest target organizations in investments in particular sector. This course is accredited by ISACA.  The topics include risk management, monitoring and control.

#7. ECSA-(EC-council certified security analyst)

Earlier, this course was acknowledged as licensed penetration teaser. This profession includes the testing of security through different techniques. The security certification program helps to identify the loopholes in the system and teaches how to use and ensure network security.

#8. GPEN-(GIAC penetration tester)

The person who studied GPEN gets training in hacking and penetration testing. The person is also aware on legal issues when the need to face by doing penetration against individual person or to a company. GPEN is also a short term course which can be obtained by professionals only.

#9. CHFI-(Computer hacking forensic investigator)

Now most of the companies are eagerly conducting research on the future scope of the digital world. On the other side, illegal hacking is also increasing by exploiting the security within the networking system of any target company. So the need of forensic investigator is inevitable. The person who studies CHFI will help to recognize hacking attempt. This helps to set up a well-built security system.

#10. GSEC-(GIAC Security essentials certification)

GIAC is an organization which provides security certification and GSEC intermediate certification for triumphant career. GSEC certificate is valid for four years. The cyber security course is a new way to have a giant leap or a jump start career in IT field.